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Don’t buy fake tokens and don’t enter fake projects!
All true information – only on the site and pages on this site (for example,,,; in the future there will be more subdomains on
Also reliable information on the official channels and publics listed on
For example, now a video has been circulated on the network in which some guy says that he allegedly made a DEFI token with me. But this is of course a lie. They named it ForsageToken and posted this false information on a site with a domain name similar to ours, but with the addition of the number 1.
We take care of our partners and do not involve them in any risky schemes. DEFI are seductive but risky schemes and the real Forsage has no plans for DEFI at this time.
We will develop our token according to a different scheme, this will give our partners much more opportunities, and it will be much more reliable.
There are always scammers who parasitize on someone else’s success, instead of using its opportunities.
Therefore, be careful, always check the source of information.
Meanwhile, the genuine Forsage returns to the active stage. We got a pause in activity, due to the difficulties of launching a unique code. We have finally overcome all difficulties and are ready to give our community even more opportunities.
Notify your teams so that everyone is ready. We will share the details shortly

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rajender singh says:

Sir, ….. Make some latest video s or information s. on forsage , why it slowdown and when it will be normal.

Satya Prakash Singh says:

You are not taking any care to ur partner what will happened who have invested in initial forsage and lost their money will be reimburse?

Satya Prakash Singh says:

You are also a big fake and off course all are too fake

Dr Jagdish Rajput says:

Very good information Sir ji
Adhik Jankari ke Liy Call Karen

Vishan Das says:

What is your next project

Joseph Marquez says:

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潘柏鈞 says:

換而言知,當一定程度的了解過後覺得可以做,那越早加入的機會越多 不要當被割韭菜的那一個


Midhun Midhun says:

What is happening to Xgold now??

China Furniture says:

Sir, I am telling you from Bangladesh, I have invested a lot of money in Forsage Gold, but why not yet get any TRX.What is likely to happen in the future

Vishan Das says:

Sir plz develop without referal
Samrt cantract

Vishan Das says:

Sir inbox me your whataap no
You are greatt

rasmin Chy says:

I want to know what forsage will scram

Mall91 Guide says:

Thanks lado

BlaqSeedFund Fundraisng says:

Why are there many different versions of Forsage?

Isnara Aran says:

forsage scam, i lost 0,1 eth

Nad Law says:

I don't know why @LadoLomi will always wait until other people use his name to lunch all sorts of rubish before he comes out with his own… He usually don't follow what's in vogue. If you know that Defi is trending why don't you lunch one what are you waiting for you give people token with stating or implementing any use case so annoying.

Shanoj Kumar says:

Great News…..

Kenth Extreme says:

Me gustaria hablar con este loco saber como logro todo este gran proyecto

Bharat Singh Bhanwal says:

God bless you lado sir love from India


Hello sir ji


Thanks a lot lado sahb।
I got loss in FORSAGE TOKEN OF 10000TRX

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