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In the next 5 minutes I’ll show you how you can earn Tron daily, paid directly and instantly to your own wallet…

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TRX smart contract: TREbha3Jj6TrpT7e6Z5ukh3NRhyxHsmMug
ETH smart contract: 0x5acc84a3e955Bdd76467d3348077d003f00fFB97

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Cassandra Stephens says:

When are you going to create a video like this for Gold ETH? This illustration makes it so easy to understand. We just need it explained with ETH

The bad Joke says:

So in order to start I have to bring referrals or referrals can come automatically?

Be Positive Always Mlm news updates says:

Great explanation fantastic

maria robinson says:

Who do I speak with if I have a technical problem.?!?!

Sally Chasm says:

This is a great video to help us all build our teams. Ethereum and Tron both are doing well…it's fun to have both Platforms with Forsage.

Global Team Networkers says:

Excellent day FORSAGE team. Please we need the video in Spanish. Thanks and blessings.

Gobin Tanti says:

Very nice life changing platform

Sanjay pimoli says:

Can you please tell me what can we call this system network marketing or any other marketing system??

Elruby Thomas says:

Great video.

潘柏鈞 says:

換而言知,當一定程度的了解過後覺得可以做,那越早加入的機會越多 不要當被割韭菜的那一個


Tammy Boucher says:

Great video! Will there be a simple video like this one to promote Forsage Ethereum smart contracts also? Thank you

Venna Beharie says:

My xgold slots are not reactivated with my personal sign ups and that’s affecting my money, please help me.

Forsage Secret Code says:

I need to refer somebody under me after activate xgold or he work without refer ? Thanks

Kevin Senekal says:

This isn't working anymore as it's been a week and I haven't earned a single tron after I bought 4 slots on x4!!!

Бизнес на Блокчей Павел Цыбко says:

Очень крутое промо 🙂

Gopagoni Naveengoud says:

My id 42649 not reactivate iam trying 35 hours 500times bt not reactivated what happened

Be Positive Always Mlm news updates says:

Very nice explanation thaks

Edwin says:

why not go back to etherium or do a forsage bitcoin one

Gianni Nana says:

Very good explanation.
Thank you.

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