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Give me 45 seconds and I’ll share with you why these Alex Becker ads are some of the BEST on YouTube, exposing why they’re so effective, and how you can use this to better understand why people buy what they buy. Enjoy! Snap/Insta: GPStephan

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Now as we all know, with most ads like this, YouTube forces you to listen to the first 5 seconds before giving you the option to skip, so pretty much the ENTIRE advertisement relies on the effectiveness of whether or not there’s an IMMEDIATE hook that gives you a reason to continue watching. This is where Alex Becker comes in IMMEDIATELY with what’s called a Pattern Interrupt.

A pattern interrupt is a technique to quickly change a particular thought, behavior, or situation, and REDIRECT your attention. It’s a sudden shift from what we EXPECT to happen that breaks our habit or current state, and causes us to immediately return our focus.

But then we come to the second point…Alex Becker gives us, what I like to call, the immediate “minimum time investment.” Really Quick. Just give me 45 seconds. In less than a minute. You’re just that much more likely to hear it out, knowing it’s only 45 seconds.

In order to win the next 40 seconds of an ad, you THEN need to implement three things: One: Be entertaining. Two: Be funny. Three: Don’t be NOT Funny. Alex blends the three very effortlessly.

Humor is especially important because it’s the EASIEST way for someone to begin to let their guard down. Studies have shown the laughing makes it easier for two people to build a bond. It sets a friendlier mood, removes tension, and is more likely to disarm someone. From my perspective, being FUNNY is really just understanding social awareness and having the social intelligence to better understand PEOPLE…and chances are, if someone understands PEOPLE, they’re going to be someone that people are more likely to be friends with and trust.

Next step is to show the viewers proof – not just visual proof, but social proof. You MUST show testimonials that OTHER people have taken action AND it’s been successful. After all, if Alex just launched and he had no testimonials…you’d be less likely to take it, than if you KNEW thousands of other people did it and were successful.

Oh, and anytime people are on the fence about buying something…always throw in more humor. Humor always works.

In addition, Alex Becker is the MASTER of re-targeting a warm audience…this means, once you watch one of his videos or once you click one of his links, he can then re-target you with an ad. Why is this SO effective? Because you’re MORE LIKELY to be receptive to an ad if you’ve already seen that person before.

It’s because of those specific actions I just mentioned that Alex Becker ads have some of the biggest impact here on YouTube, and I really believe that we can all learn a thing or two from sales by watching what other people are doing, understanding WHY they work, and then implementing them in your own YouTube ads…if you ever do ads. Otherwise I hope this is just entertaining. Hit the like button.

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Graham Stephan says:

IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT YET….Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
Literally just got my "Holy Grail" of credit cards after years of wanting this one, feel free to check it out before I post the unboxing video next week!
(Yes, I'm a credit card nerd if you couldn't tell)

TheInsomniaddict says:

So what do you think of Alex Becker's latest pivot to only selling courses or consulting for people making X amount of dollars? There's almost no pitch in his current YT videos, he's kind of transitioned into a Influencer instead of marketer.

Pathfinder George says:

Social Proof? Pff… A lotus or a lambo in the background is good enough for us.

sunwolf87 says:

Pattern interrupt is a favorite tactic of gaslighters as well.

Emery Lindeman says:

Did NOT get an ad

spatnaspolecnost says:

A year later, 1.3 mil. subscribers. Congrats!

Mike Ada says:

He spends couple hundred thousand a month just on ads…

Trice Pruitt says:

Loved it as usual!

Cha Chi says:

brilliant breakdown chef

Justin Kehler says:

Becker is low key creepy. I think it's because he seems needy

GamerDude Jake says:

4:19 RIP

MrCharrrles says:

sounds like picking up women

Javier Quintanilla says:

got one in the middle of the vid

Coachella Valley Church says:

Why are you kissing his butt? He’s already better looking and has way more money.


Much love from #chrispalmerseo

Kenny Advocat says:

I searched for this video because I see Alex Becker ads every time I watch Graham videos. =( Sorry Graham he's so annoying that I disliked this video. lol Don't worry I like the other from you tho!

Edgar Lopez says:

bruh…. guess what ad I just got

dobly58 says:

But does Alex sell a scam?? I don't recall that part explained.

Green Gamer says:

Is it really possible to make 1000snds from these ads?

Russell Peach says:

I've never seen these adverts EVER.

Frosk says:

I get Alex Becker ads all the time from your videos

James Jackson says:

The trick is to click on the ad, clear your cache and cookies, click on the ad, clear your c/c…….etc. it costs a fourtune in clicks charges.

Crypto Gold says:

Useless info

_ says:

Got a Alex Becker ad on a video exposing Alex Becker. Lol

Saxon Garner says:

I got one of his ads ooooof

Watta says:

I literally got an alex becker ad before the video lol

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