EXACTLY How To Get Started With Discover Heal Worldwide!

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EXACTLY How To Get Started With Discover Heal Worldwide!


Welcome to #DiscoverHeal !!! Learn how to live your BEST life in 2020!

Discover Heal is very quickly becoming a global movement and people are flocking to join #HealVIP and YOU could be #makemoneyonline leveraging the Discover Heal opportunity!

Get the Getting Started doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ym_eDTFFkG6W7zGJ-9GCbNiNhqAz0N04eWDi50al1hA/edit?usp=sharing

Learn more about the Discover Heal Compensation Plan here:

Take a tour of the Discover Heal back office and see how much can be made in 7 days: https://youtu.be/fJRHVvtqsQs

Learn how to make money (two ways) with Discover Heal: https://youtu.be/Kdo7t2MZxQc

Watch the BEST Heal testimonial video here: https://youtu.be/kNjzB-jCJ24

Here directly from Stephen Munson (CEO) and Paulo Barroso (#1 Heal Earner) on our team launch webinar: https://youtu.be/GAVNx8XD3SU

Learn what the REAL Heal products are here: https://youtu.be/Jk1HJ5t5mjM

Get Started with our Base Camp Team and Heal here: https://fast.discoverheal.com/CP1/?u=40856&track=YTGS

Questions still? Don’t be shy! Ask me a questions or just say HI!
Message Daniel on Facebook: https://m.me/danieljkump

Join my team’s Private Mastermind FB Group HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1057066944421057/

Become a Heal VIP: https://DiscoverHeal.com/system/?u=40856&Track=YTGS

Big Profile Profits: https://discoverheal.com/PROFILEPROFITS/?u=40856&Track=YTGS

IAM Challenge 21 Day Challenge: https://DiscoverHeal.com/IAM/?u=40856&Track=YTGS

Bonuses for joining Heal with our All- In Base Camp Team and Daniel Kump:

✅ Bi-Weekly webinars with Daniel & 7-Figure Earners
✅ All-In 24/7 Chat Group
✅ FREE Mindset Audio Books & PDFs
✅ Traffic Training
✅ Trusted Traffic Sources
✅ Link Tracking Training
✅ How To Scale Your Business Training
✅ FREE Tested Email Swipes

Wow… a Total value OVER $3,000!

Claim your bonuses by joining Heal here: https://fast.discoverheal.com/CP1/?u=40856&track=YTGS

It’s 100% FREE to start, get in the back office and see if Discover Heal is a fit for you.

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Daniel Kump


Daniel Kump says:

Don’t let 2020 slip away from you… create your free account HERE and see if Heal is a fit for you:


Karen Fanara says:

Great video Daniel! Thanks for creating this get started video and the get started PDF for our Team. My favorite Heal course is the BIG Profile Profits. Also, mindset and personal development is outstanding in our entire back office.

Mikael Gustavsson says:

Great explanation thank you Daniel!

Keith Chaisson says:

Thanks Daniel! Easy to follow! Great job bro! It’s Time To Heal!

Adam Shelton says:

Another great video Daniel! You look good in the new Heal Hoodie! Love the over the shoulders overview of heal.

Christy Jensen says:

Love this company! Thank you for your leadership!

Carlos Loureiro says:

Awesome getting started guide! Specific and to the point. Love it! Thank you!


Great info very helpful!!!

MJ LegacyLife says:

Thank you so much for your detailed play-by-play information in this video, I appreciated it so much. I completely agree with you and I love that when I hear massive leaders talking about just do it! Learn while you’re earning, that is the best philosophy for me. I shall take your steps and start with paid traffic. I have been wondering where to start and now I have steps. Thank you for your time and help, this was a very helpful video!!!!!

Maureen E Charlton says:

Heal is the place to be in 2020 and beyond 🙂 Awesome training as always Daniel, thank you x

Paulo Barroso says:

Dude… this is an awesome step by step video on how to start with HEAL. Love it and thanks for sharing it!!!

Don Powers says:

You made this so easy to understand. So very helpful. Loved the Value

Tena brewer says:

Thank you that was pretty good

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