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Kanaal JB says:

I bought 9 month radiant contract 30 days back. Already got 60% ROI in one month. Very interesting to see what will happend in 8 months.

Greg Bartley says:

Here's how I see it.
Everyone that purchased a "Lifetime" agreement should be given something. Just… something. Ideally, they should resume our contracts like the bear market (or crypto winter as some like to call it) didn't happen.
Now those that did purchase the "Lifetime" agreement feel suckered into thinking that even if the market does decline we'd still be safe because… hey… "Lifetime."
Even when you're purchasing your hashpower it says "Lifetime Bitcoin Mining" with the words "Mine Forever" beneath it.
So I (like so many others) ordered some service because of that verbiage. But if you read the agreement it doesn't say the words "forever" or even "lifetime" but it does say "open-ended."

So I started asking a friend that is a patent lawyer. (Still went to law school so I trust his judgement.) He stated that Genesis-Mining should be getting sued for "false advertisement" and "bait and switching" and if we started a class action we might have a chance of them settling with us.

It doesn't make any sense for them to resume our contracts because they definitely can't afford it. Remember, they just purchase a new mining facility in Iceland just before the bear market. So their deeply in debt! Which explains why they keep selling out of their hashpower. It's either that (or combination of) being investigated in lawsuits and don't want to risk making issues worse.

Bottom line, Genesis Mining has upset a lot of their clients. Legitimate companies don't want to do that! They want their business to succeed and grow. They want their existing customers to attract more customers. But for some reason they don't seem to care about any of that. But scammers… they don't care who they hurt or how they feel after they realized that they have been taken advantage of. Seriously, find me one scammer with a conscience. Now dare to compare Genesis to either one and tell me which fits better?

Ionut Anghelache says:

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Tommy Mcweed says:

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Tony Hillier says:

Ty for the vid

asdasdas asdasda says:

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Tony Hillier says:

Awesome thx for promo code

Kio Yukio says:

anyone can help me? if i contract Radiant Classic with 10ths , how much i earn my bitcoin in one day? sorry if my english bad .

m8m8ng who says:

I lost 20K on this, if I bought a machine it will still be running by now, are you dreaming

Frederick Owusu says:

Good work, bro.
That was a great review.
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Andrew Harper says:

Good review genesis is good 5hz for promo code

Michael Fries says:

All their contracts are 9 months from what I saw last night on their website

Donald Shongwe says:

The new Radiant plans have a fixed runtime and they will not be ended before that period is over, even if the mining revenue falls to zero
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Jason Rupp says:

Good stuff. Thnx

Mark Anguilla says:

Now is the time thx 4 discount

Mark Shapiro says:

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