Every Entrepreneur I know who did this, FAILED & QUIT

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Ever wondered why some entrepreneurs vanish while others thrive? Dive into this insightful discussion where we unravel the three primary reasons behind entrepreneurial failures. From the dangers of focusing on the wrong things, the pitfalls of ego-driven decisions, to the risks of losing sight of your business’s core purpose, we cover it all. With over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, witness firsthand accounts, lessons learned, and strategies to stay on track. If you’re looking to build a sustainable, purpose-driven business, this video is a must-watch. Dive in for these highlights, and stay till the end for a deep dive into “Legacy thinking” and its importance in business longevity. Don’t miss out on these game-changing insights!

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00:00 Intro
01:15 – Importance of evolving past the “testing” phase.
02:30 – Business fundamentals: offer, messaging, leads.
03:45 – Dangers of ego and external validation.
05:00 – The need for a clear business “North Star.”
06:30 – Risks of premature diversification.
08:00 – Emphasis on “Legacy thinking.”


Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

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Janice Sullivan - Photo Biz Method says:

Thanks Sunny! I have my moments for sure, but you keep me going, and I wouldn't be where I'm at in my business without AA xo

Liz Mendez says:

Sunny! As a three time entrepreneur, this hits on every level. I used to follow your content religiously when my husband and I owned our restaurant. After selling that business (pre-pandemic) we chose to take jobs for financial security – but as we all know the entrepreneur in us never goes away. As we begin a new journey of taking our hospitality expertise and applying it in new sectors, this video popped up in my feed (serendipity, for sure!) and it's worth saying your work and content helps so many; this video was especially inspirational – so as a returning Sunny fan, thank you!!!

schneiderkardiologe says:

Thank you very much for deep insights and your emotion.

Chrisduncanbus says:

fascinating topic I love your insights

Jamee Maree says:

Every. Single. Ounce. Of this is true!!! I gave up at the start of cough cough bc I got sick, and couldn’t keep up once I got better.

I see those that started years ago when I did, that didn’t give up, and they have grown soooo much!! So disappointed in myself, but working on rebuilding on the backside right now. When I hit go, I want to go FAST!!! Worst part of eating humble pie is that I had three successful streams of income at that time.:..: reality smack in the face.


Self-sabotage is real!

PsalmsPoetic says:

I needed to heat this. I am panicking a bit. I am working horizontally instead of making sure what's working continues to work. Thank you for the insight.

Linda Larson Schlitz says:

I should know all this, but still doing what you say here and wondering if you can clarify what exactly you mean at 6:40 where are you say if your product starts to slip if your offer starts to slip if your social proof starts to slip. Are you saying that if you get distracted with other things and you don’t take the time to fine-tune and Hone and reevaluate the things that you’re already doing because you’re not working as well you’re going to miss out you will end up with 2 half baked programs? momentum going on there yet though I do have my pre-test people really loving it.

Deborah Leblanc says:

It helps to know I should focus on my one good idea, my one training course and not try to go on too many directions and make myself crazy. Wish me luck!!

Nico Moloi says:

Thanks, Sunny

aidatul h. says:

How do i correct myself from this death pit of giving up

Tanya Aliza says:

I especially liked your point about how so many people focus on the things that don't matter. It's so important to be able to identify and prioritize the tasks that are most important to your business, and to let go of the things that aren't!

TheSeasonedMarketer says:

You give the most SOLID business advice. Needed to hear this today. BASICS.

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