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Here is the link to join https://www.genesis-mining.com
and use the code QqNvn3 and get 5% everytime you purchase hashpower

Get your coinbase wallet here https://www.coinbase.com/join/566df35d8d8885566100013a



Anetch Hrak7 says:

In this video I see that you are using Genesis Mining for Ether extraction. Are you being paid in Bitcoin or Either. If Ethererum, are you converting it to USD at any time. I am interested in mining Ethereum and Bitcoin. I don't quite understand Allocations. I would like to be paid in Bitcoin. How can I set that up?

Marcelo Manoel says:

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Crypto Dummy says:

i went too genesis pay 88 USD and get my payments.But now the ethereum blockchain change from proof of work too proof of stake with validators.And now?

StraightOuttaDetroit says:

where do I go to invest

Ardell Smith says:


Luxiano Valdez says:

Thank u Brother!

We Smoke Bitcoins says:

look into zcash, lisk and slock.io if you want to read up on the next big things buddy. You already missed the big moves on ETH and many who got in early will be moving on once the price starts dropping and other projects start appearing for this year. Don't be the one holding the bag. I only say this because in the last big bitcoin altcoin/scamcoin rush, many new people who didn't understand what was going on made videos EXACTLY like yours and there were a crapload of them every day, really a lot. You don't see them around anymore if you get my drift. Holding a bag of coins waiting and praying for years for it to get back up there then finally selling for 1/500th the the value you purchased it at is not a good feeling. No fud, just life. Keep up the videos and keep learning. Find the next big REAL thing and get that huge return.

Chase ThatCoin says:

Soon you won't be able to buy MH anymore so get what you want while it's open

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