Entrepreneur Future Shares SCAM!

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Entrepreneur Future Shares SCAM!

Same people behind this as Amazing5?

Same scripted bullshit clone website. New design. Do they think I’m stupid?


Tom Kent behind this crap? Wouldn’t surprise me.

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Entrepreneur Future Shares SCAM!

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darian simpson says:

fuck that punk ass tom kent the scammer he owes me and a ton of more ppl money so be aware of this scamer unless you wanna give free money away.

Maria King says:

Hi Dave. Thought this link might be useful for you. Hi everyone. If you are a member of FTS and feel you are being scammed, we have a support group on FB, you are welcome to join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/539219872952897/?fref=nf

Lynne Huysamen says:

Hey Buddy! I can't find you at WA, I am so bad I forgot your username…. I have a suggestion for a review for you. Check out mine, I would love to see what you do with this!

It is going totally viral on my side with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v00p9xd9dqE

Oh and remind me again what your username is… Dragon something?? #MommyBrain

Timothy Tucker says:

Tom never left Dave!

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