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*** English Subtitles in Progress ***

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Xyra Namoco says:

Thank you Ms. Antonette for the very informative video of hashingadspace =)

AL VIN says:

hi po tnung ko lang po kung magkano minimum sa withrawal?

Marie Flor Malenab says:

https://www.hashingadspace.com/register.php?ref=Mfjm8 pagamit naman po to register. Big thanks!

Kyle Miguel says:

hello guys.. bago lng po ako s hashing ad space.. s mga wla png referal code jn just click the link below.. slamat po ☺️

Elif Solution says:

Giocoin Rewards 2020

Nilda Halili says:

Pano magjoin,

Phindile says:

Hi Po I have tried the platform and it has given me the same problem twice: I watch ads via V2E and once done the ' Close and complete V2E credit' button does not respond. I click and wait for several minutes then again but no response which means I watch the ads but am not awarded any credits. Anyone else had this experience and how do you fix it. I have reached out to them as well to no avail. Thank you.

Josh Lim says:

ma'am bat PO saakin ayaw ma click Yung close sa ads salamat

Josh Lim says:

bakit po ayaw ma click nang close saakin ayaw din ma dagdag sa balance ko po salamat sa sagot

Jun Laylo says:

hello po, san po nadating un pera after ma widraw?

Anecita Maquiling says:

hello po mam nakapag register napo ako gamit ang iyung referral pero nag wawatch ako ng video adds d cya nakita ang earning ko

Nicole Smith says:

I received a successful transfer of $15,000 from ealogs com ,their services are real

aldrin artesano says:

Hello maam mag tulong sana ako paano po ma e transfer from hashingad space to wave exchanges kasi sa simula palang I need verification and wla po akong balance sa wave beginners pa kasi ako im starting feb. 18,2020 plz email maam.. I need your help

Trex Santua says:

Joining here

Junill Bangga says:

Ilang asimi token para maka pag verified ng account sa hasingadspace ms jen.

Lyks Enguito says:

Firstimer po ako, paano po ba mapabilis ang pag dami ng asimi tokens po?

Nathanie l Rodriguez says:

25 ads per day 5 araw bago ako nagkaroon Ng buong 1 asimi haha pag Wala Kang referral kalimutan Muna Nyan haha
Baka gusto nyu haha

Anne Sustal says:

New subscriber po

nike gaming says:

Owo galing nyan chairs tayu sa gusto lang

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