DUMP IT! Sell ALL Crypto & Bitcoin Before This Crash (HUGE Warning Signs Selling 101)

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There are signs we are entering the most DANGEROUS part of a crypto and bitcoin bull run. These signs will stop you from losing everything. Know them or eat big poopoo-peepee.


Micro Cap Training Video/Selling Strategy

My Mid Bull Run 32 Coin Portfolio For Max Epic HAWT DIRTY GEIINZZ


@AlexBeckersChannel says:

Just enjoying the angry comments that read the title n nothing else. Kekekeke. ……. TLDR : You should watch the entire video first before jumping to a conclusion. The bull is getting VERY dangerous and this will 100% save your buns.

@niels8195 says:

Aaaaand we're there! 😀

@nicoled5160 says:

Great vidéo. Perhaps the most frank and honest video. Looking at my stocks when things are going doing only makes me do stupid things unless I’m buying and feel good to cost average

@KathlynLemmonds says:

The momentum here is great!!! What's the best way to make money from crypto trading sir??

@stevencezus3987 says:

Great comments!

@anthonysfamilyfun5244 says:

I think this is the single most important video I've seen in crypto since I started in 2021.

@Kaustavpatell says:

I am not too convinced nor expertise abt the crypto market, I really don't keep much in my portfolio, Recently, I've been pondering retirement. I've also invested $800K on S&P 500 so i could secure my financial future. i need an approach to invest in Coin that will align with my risk tolerance and financial goals.

@GabbyOfficial- says:

I'm sorry guys but we are not going to a 100k this cycle bruh. Cmon 100k???? after the halving too?

@markcicc3122 says:

Everything's a gamble waking up every morning whether you're going to be alive the next day as a Gamble

@markcicc3122 says:

Are you telling me it's a Ponzi scheme

@anthonysfamilyfun5244 says:

Man I love this guy

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