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DON’T START YOUTUBE BEFORE WATCHING THIS / Thinking about YouTube like a business, and even coming up with a business plan, can save you so much time and energy! I’ve got mad intel to share with you in today’s YouTube video – DON’T START YOUTUBE BEFORE WATCHING THIS!

YouTube is a science, not an art, and I dig into some seriously scientific stuff in today’s video, which you’ll want to watch before you make a single move on YouTube!


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lydalhy says:

I'm a writer 🙂

Joe Watson Gakuo says:

My channel is about oil and gas industry

Tabitha Howard says:

My channel is going to be focusing on holistic nutrition and helping women get away from the dieting hamster wheel! With a focus on mental health and simplifying the weight loss process!

Taste the best says:

I.just start a food channel. And i need a spport please

Danielle Wilson says:

Spirituality and Personal Development

Kristin Sweeney says:

My soon to be channel is my journey with hearing loss and eventually getting a hearing aid and all my struggles, fears, and triumphs. Basically, I want people to realize that they have a voice

Rob Boyle says:

Hi Sunny. I just signed up for your course. Can't wait to start. I like this video of yours today – been watching lots. Your tip of "quality" instead of "quantity" is great. Some YouTubers do videos three times per week. OMG. They do get burned out though. I was thinking of once per month but to do a really good quality video with tons of research, etc. As long as I tell people to subscribe and hit the notification bell, is once per month ok? My channel would be about golf as I am a full time CPGA golf pro. A decent player but mainly a teacher.

Cherry Nikki says:

My channel is about text stories gay content but I am not getting the subscribers

Laura Dawson MAKE UP says:

Make up and lifestyle for ages 40+

A Lusher Life says:

Thanks for this video. I gained so much from it! Here’s my question: I drive myself nuts when thinking about my niche. Most of my subscribers come from finding my travel vlogs. I’ve now got some successful Facebook groups with those subscribers in too. I can see your strategies working quite easily for that group of people. However, my absolute calling is writing creative non fiction books and if I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, it’s that.
My YouTube channel began when I discovered mindset and the law of attraction and those subscribers seem to be my tribe, even though they are few in number.
I’ve been here ten years now and have just over 2k subs but good views and more importantly I LOVE IT.

I’m also about to embark upon a PhD research project in phenomenology (health sciences and the way people view their health) as I’m a registered nutritionist (specialising in gut health and chronic disease). Part of me thinks I might be able to talk food and travel (although my travel audience want to hear about all inclusive resorts it seems, so possibly not as focused on health as the majority).
I definitely need to niche all this down. Although I do wonder if my online brand name says it all “A Lusher life”. I’d love your thoughts.

FaZe Beam says:

This is my secondary channel, is about gaming. My primary channel is : "Diversity Cristian" and it's about music, live streaming, Gospel, test driving, cooking, etc. Please help me grow with both channels!
You made my day! I'm very grateful that I've found you here! Such a blessing!

Rosemary Bohan says:

Hey guys I’m a Youtuber residing in Africa Nigeria to be precise,I will be making content on lifestyle Vlog DIY tricks and hair care,if you would like to see Africa through my lens here is a link to subscribe to my YouTube channel

TSF ZED says:

@ watch this guys <3 <3

King Cheung says:

I want to create a way to help Australia local business to get more customers / buyer via YT by telling Australia local business story and products and services. And now I am a completely newbie

Sac Homes And Happenings says:

Just curious if your system would work for a local real estate agent? I would think local SEO vs national and international reach. With that being said how would the approach and system be different ?

Vickie O' says:

I have alot of products am selling but no sales so i want to start a YouTube channel to see if things will change i hope.

Jorge Loebl says:

Thank you Sunny. I am starting from ZERO (channel on managers obstacles, challenges and limiting beliefs. You are opening my eyes and helping me not to fall over the wayside. Thank you so very much Sunny. <3

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