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Have you fallen victim to the curse of the expert? You know that situation where you have created an amazing online program and no one is buying? Whether this describes you or, you’re just starting the process of researching how to create an online course, this video is going to give you step-by-step instructions for the best way to get it done! So, grab something to take notes with and don’t miss this one!

We’re going to cover all the things:

1. Focus on the right thing first
2. Narrow your focus and know your numbers
3. This is a business treat it like one
4. Validate first
5. Start with a prototype
6. Don’t fall into the launch cycle

I’ll meet you in the comments to hear all about your online program idea and what you’re biggest takeaways were from this video!


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00:00 Intro
1:31 6 Key Factors You need to know about online course businesses
1:45 Focus on the right thing first
7:42 Narrow your focus
12:27 This is a business treat it like one
14:28 Validate first
18:44 Start with a prototype
21:16 Don’t fall into the launch cycle


Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

If you want to see if we’re a fit to work together inside of The Authority Accelerator and learn how to take what you're good at to make an impact all over the world, then apply at

Dylan Huston says:

My main main HUGE question is who is going to pay $2000 for a course? That seems absurd is that just me?

Carl Dubcats says:

I like the idea of a launch but I am a musician and we launch stuff all the time so it's a natural fit. New Album launch ——- New course launch. It must be a similar thing. Maybe we can be evergreen and do a launch when something is new. Not sure but it might be worth a try. I suppose clients don't need a lot of support after they buy an album so there is a difference.

Donal Cunningham says:

Thanks Sister, very interesting! I'm just wondering about using Zoom for online classes because of the 40 minute time limit, I was think of using Skype as there would be no issues there!

Luke Shaw says:

I want to help people improve their health, mobility and coordination through learning juggling

Christian Lamb Inspires says:

Thanks Sunny!

Rainbow Rabbit Clubhouse says:

This was very helpful! Thankyou!

Halcian Joseph-Clost says:

Really great content. I appreciated everything about this video especially your encouragement around being authentic with whatever approach we take for developing an online course but also you shared some really great wisdom around POP. Thank you.

Molina Inspires says:

This is exactly what I needed ! Thank you !

root tech says:

an articulate individual is a dangerous one. the power that comes from getting a message across in a clear and concise manner is unbelievable. it is called communication skills. When you have the skills to hook people in when you talk, you bring them to your side. many factors play here. likability, communication skills, reputation, expertise in a specific area…. thanks for the video. Someone say information is power and ignorance is blindness.

mauwiks says:

Can you explain what a transformation is over just providing information?

Orly Faya says:

the transformation I want to take people to is having unlimited access to their own creative portal aka portal to the divine – to transmute pain into presence, and create their own masterpiece of life.

Jeffrey Zie says:

Halfway thru and you’re dropping gems!

molywend2 says:

Where would you find participants for the “beta” Zoom version of your program?

Evangeline Rudolph says:

I really needed to hear this

Darya Afonina says:

So many great tips! Thanks!

Alejandra Damián says:

I´m getting started as a coach & this is GOLD!! The creating an evergreen business & stepping away from a launch model is deeply attractive. I kind of assumed the launch model was the only way. Learned something massive today.

Dean Cantave says:

I've watched this video for 16 minutes and you just dropped a gem that I'm sure is worth a lot money in and of itself by doing research on Amazon. This is a great video! Thank you!

Любовь Ким says:

This is a gold content. Thank you

Courtney Means says:

I want to help women connect to their intution and get out of overhwlem/ survival mode

Canadian Homestead - Cooking with REAL food says:

FOOD SECURITY is my focus. I currently teach locally in person/group cheese making classes and canning classes. But, it's too hard to leave the homestead as we have a farm stand, market garden & beekeeping business too. So, I'm focusing on trying to get courses filmed. I will be totally honest I only have my farm kitchen to film in and it's an extremely busy, busy kitchen.
So, I have been thinking maybe I need to rent a kitchen? Any thoughts or am I over thinking this?

Tantric Transformation says:

Ok the problem I have though is since I don’t have much prepared since I’m leaving it open for adjustments I can’t really “sell’ people on what I’m providing….like yeah, sure transformation but they want you to draw it out and tell you details and step by step- they just don’t get what it is….I can understand if you are someone with a bunch of videos up demonstrating you have a great vibe and you are already sharing all this great info and they are buying YOU and whatever you got to offer….but I don’t really a have that yet. Maybe it’s better I build that first? I mean, I have it in person for people who know me but not properly represented on my IG etc

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