Does Copy Trading work?

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Does Copy Trading work? In this video, I shared my opinion on Copy trading and tips on how to succeed as a copy trader.

Try Copy Trading-

0:00 Introduction
0:14 What is copy trading
0:46 Copy trading with Octa
1:32 Tip 1 – Check Master Trader’s Rating
1:46 Tip 2 – Dont pick Random Master Traders
2:19 Tip 3 – Check Master Trader’s Equity
2:52 Tip 4 – Check Mater Trader’s Stat
3:38 Tip 5 – Add Support funds

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@wokkeredmi2193 says:

This is just an advertisement!

@FreemanGreat7 says:

What do you think about Iq option, Expert & Pocket option?

@naomiwangui3028 says:

Where do I get master traders

@chidubemchosen7739 says:

Always delivers.

@aliyurabiu4976 says:

Boss why don't you because a master then

@funnycompilation433 says:

So can u tell us which master trader is the best

@opeyemiola2637 says:

i want to do it but i dont have any idea of trading

@likandokayombo says:

Powerful video

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Thank you so much for this video boss…. really needed it

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The shortest most informative video I've watched this year…
Thank you valor…

@BracketReviews says:

I think I need to start this ASAP.

@mrcovels says:

Those traders the collect better gain form person o… but is an easy way to earn money

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Nice one, this is definitely good lecture from Valor, Valor are you a master trader?

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