Do THIS to Make $10,000 as a Student

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This is how I started making $10,000/month back when I was a student:

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@pramodinideshmukh8142 says:

Sir Please make like this video for 2024 .

@user-th5wd7hh5k says:

Bro just show us how to make MONEY!

@Financial.Harmony says:

This will influence an entire generation of entrepreneurs, thanks❤

@user-rg6iz6pi8i says:

Hey man I just only got on your vedio today an am feeling blessed already
But I think I like to get more coaching as to how to make $10k or even fewer cus right now am literally making $0 monthly
Thanks man and am really looking forward to you helping me out

@OnlineIncomeDiary-SMK says:

Iman, I must say your Struggle is fr

@tiktok1316 says:

Hello, I am from Morocco. I want an honest website to earn money from the Internet

@user-dg7lm5fe6l says:

You can stream for gifts

@ayandildar8222 says:

Anyone need a thumbnail or a freelancer for $1000 a month?

@KaamWala-ye6do says:

Anyone need a thumbnail editor for $1000/month ?

@dolphinafaith2321 says:

pardon students without any form of cash flow … how do we go about this

@swastikapandey5375 says:

Use correct India picture

@Amor_Funny says:


@SmilingClover-kr6tq says:

Am I the only that's not getting idea just advices?

@DingleberryGoo says:

Wut if I’m in middle school can it still work because I’m a very low person with no money and makes very low viewed videos on youtube

@realshit01 says:

I dont know why but for the past few weeks it just hit me. I just cant work for someone else for the rest of my life, for what? So my Boss can get richer? So he can live wealthy? I dont know what gave me that hit but lately all I think about is how do I make my own money. No matter if in the morning or at night before I go to sleep or when im on my pc playing games even when im with my family there is this constant picture of people my age with supercars, houses and money. And I think to myself why cant I have these things? Why cant I be the lucky one with rich parents? Im gratefull for what I have but I cant life like this. I cant think of anything else and it really gets me depressed seeing myself in this positions.

@ImNotKriss says:

I'm gonna try art commisions but ill use someone else to make the art and pay then 30-60% of my income but i'm broke rn so how do i start a business with 0€

@Cristian_M_ says:

You work for 40yrs to have $1M in your
retirement, meanwhile some people are putting just $10K in a meme coin from just few months ago and now they are multimillionaires. Is,..,,.

@AirPods-eu8xm says:

I love how my previous comment “disappeared”. Seems like someone doesn’t like it when the truth is told (:

@durgaprasaddivili8357 says:

Can u suggest any earning money idea coz I'm too poor plzz……

@noxtoo7360 says:

Bro indain map is wrong you would get a lot of hate from india

@ananddileep9573 says:

Instead of trying to convince the younger generation to make money, teach them how to become a responsible citizen.

@michellenten8666 says:

Listening to this and realizing how honest this man is then all this millionaires who try to get us to believe. Subscribe fr

@mayank4456 says:


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