DIVORCE rate drops to 0.09% when couples *DO THIS*

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Less than 1% of couples who pray together get divorced. Committed Christian men produce the happiest wives in America. | Get an exclusive Surfshark Black Friday deal! Enter promo code ALANAARBUCCI to get up to 6 additional months for free at https://surfshark.deals/ALANAARBUCCI

Why are these facts true? What about praying or being a committed Christian is so special? Let me read some verses to you, and attempt to understand why these facts exist.

Committed Christian men produce the happiest wives in America (Article I read in the video) : https://info.thecrossingchurch.com/blog/surprising-great-news-about-real-christian-men

Couples who pray together: https://ifstudies.org/blog/when-religious-couples-pray

Percentage of Christians who believe the Bible is accurate: https://julieroys.com/george-barna-survey-biblical-worldview/

Percentage of America that believes the Bible is accurate: https://www.arizonachristian.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/CRC-AWVI-2020-Release-02_Faith-and-Worldview-1.pdf

I am already planning a video discussing the role God assigns to married women. In the meantime, here is a GREAT video that explains some very controversial verses about women submitting to their husbands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8PFVZgIQ2w


@Alana.Arbucci says:

I am already planning a video discussing the role God assigns to married women. In the meantime, here is a GREAT video that explains some very controversial verses about women submitting to their husbands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8PFVZgIQ2w

@claudiako3925 says:

I love your new content! God bless you lovie! Been watching you since the beginning and I feel like we have grown together in faith – keep doing what you’re doing!❤

@ashbash92 says:

Hi Alana, I don’t understand why people say Christ died for us/for our sins. Could you explain it, if you have time to reply. I don’t understand how he died for us, I can’t make logical sense of that statement and of the events that happened. I would appreciate if you had the time to give me some clarity. Thank you❤

@j_may185 says:

Love your videos Alana!

@overthemoon713 says:

I am an atheist and disagree with a lot of Christian beliefs, but I definitely think that there is something to be said about communication and quality time to keep a relationship going long term like another comment said (similar to the effect of prayer these videos discuss). Just wanted to share my thoughts, all love! With all of that, I wanted to say I loved your videos for many years and am happy you and your husband are having a wonderful marriage!

@rachhhnicole says:

thank you for sharing on this! i’d like to add that dying to self is what all christians are called to do, and it is a daily discipline. it takes time to live sacrificially for another person, even if you mean well. the Lord gives us the strength & wisdom to die to ourselves & put our spouse first. definitely something my husband & i are still working to achieve but it’s so worth it

@hlianampraouzou8898 says:

That was such a great video Alana! I am watching you for years and you really seem to be the brighter and happier ever been!! I would like to hear your opinion on this part of the Bible: “Nevertheless do ye also severally love each one his own wife even as himself; and let the wife see that she fear her husband” (Ephesians 5:33).

@litzyr3920 says:

Do not give up on your Catholic faith. I dated an Evangelical, became an almost atheist, until I (thankfully) found my Catholic roots again. Now I’m proud to be Catholic and will never go back. During the time I wasn’t practicing Catholicism I would hear terrible things against the Church (which I’m sure you will hear too) but trust me when I tell you 1. Their lies or misconceptions 2. They look toward people when they should be looking truly at the teachings of the Church.. not other people’s bad examples. I will say there are a lot of Catholics that don’t genuinely practice their faith and lead others astray, but don’t be fooled this is not what the Church teaches! I also went through a reversion, I had to be convinced of Christianity (first) and who was the true Church.. and trust me I’m not afraid to say it’s the Catholic Church. Here’s some channels I suggest:

– Ascension Presents
– Pints with Aquinas
– Brian Holdsworth

@litzyr3920 says:

Hi I am Catholic and trust me you will find not greater FULLNESS anywhere. The Catholic Church has the Eucharist. If Alana sees this comment, look into the Eucharist and its Miracles. Be open the same way you were to your conversion. There are a lot of lies about the Church, but I suggest reading St Thomas Aquinas, G.K. Chesterton and Dr. Scott Hahn (super smart, ex-Protestant now Catholic). I don’t want to put us against eachother, we’re sisters/brothers in Christ, but there is a “leader” Jesus left the keys to Peter (says it in the Bible) – Peter then passed the keys to the next generation all the way to our now Pope Francis. I know there has been a lot said about our Pope, but the media distorts what he says. I speak Spanish and so I know exactly what he means/how he means it. I just bring this up because at some point you’ll stumble upon it, but I hope you’re like the seed that grows.. STRONG AND TALL.

@ellasimone15 says:

Please keep making these videos. I love them.

@HaridianGG says:

The other day I saw a marriage coach in tiktok say a phrase that resonated a lot with me. He asked one of his clients which was the favourite animal of little girls, and he said "horses". As an analogy, we women are looking for horses. A man capable of hurting, but choosing gentleness every day. A creature of grace.

Anonymous says:

Considering one of the sources you used is written by Mark H. Butler (LDS member) doesnt this contradict? LDS has done some things christians would not agree with.

@beefmeatball4370 says:

ALANA YOU ARE GLOWINGGGG! you are shining the light of Christ

@user-sm9tg4rc1n says:

Your hair looks so good!

@chloeflores8043 says:

Well good for you since you were lucky to mee one. I see none in my country or in the direct region. No believer guys whatsoever, only players and unbelievers. Some of us are no so lucky to meet a decent guy despite praying more than others…..

@alizaansari3184 says:

As a Muslim, I can testify, that being religious and submitting to God and His word, can truly bring out the best in you, and will indeed provide you with the best and happiest marriage ever!

@user-sm9tg4rc1n says:

You are glowing now that you are sharing your truth!

@troskiebianca says:

Wonderful video. ❤

@suzymfleur says:

does prayer within thr christian church not place women in an inherently subservient position? how have you come to accept this lost of agency within your couple as the woman? do you believe all woman have this quality, but maybe worldy ones chose to ignore this?

@mairam1072 says:

I generally love your videos. I think you have an interesting take on marriage and it’s quite beautiful. However, I saw that you replied defensively to people who disagreed and then didn’t reply at all to comments such as the one asking you to speak about the genocide that’s happening in Palestine. How can one preach the love of God and not show empathy for the Palestinians and Israelis who have suffered and the people dying in the silent genocide in the Congo. May I remind you this job is not essential it’s a privilege so use your privilege for good.

@madiweisatgmailcom says:

I want to devote myself to Christ and find a Church but I have no idea what church to go to. I grew up catholic but it is not for me anymore… what church would you recommend ? Every Christian church is different I want to go to the right one 🙂

@sara_gillett says:

I think you can get the same effect of this as just making it a point to communicate daily or weekly. Check in on your relationship, ask how you can support eachother, how you can communicate better, what you can do to make eachother feel loved, etc. Religion is not a key ingredient to a happy, fulfilling, and loving marriage. Me and my husband have been together for 7 years, we're so happy and we have the best relationship honestly, and we're also both agnostic/atheist.

@rba4377 says:

Thats great you differentiate the groups. So many studies put different people in the same category. Where I will always get stuck with the Bible though and would like to know your thoughts is: You say about following God's word, the Bible. Then what about the horrible passages or the ones that don't match with science like how old the earth is, or don't allow sorceresses to live, slaves submit to masters not only the good but also the cruel, stone women who lose virginity before marriage, put to death those who curse their parents, encouraging the murder of pagan children. By the point we need to make so many adjustments because of how different things were back then and nowadays, how can someone truly live by the Bible when you need to be selective to be a moral person and not go to jail for murder really lol? And how can it be written by God saying such non Godly things? And this: A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. How is a man strong and manly if he is so weak he cant take another humans opinion? I do like traditional roles to a degree, but if I cant question my partner if I see a better way of doing things or just dont agree with, I will see him as weak and not strong. Like, words different than the ones you are thinking hurt your ego that much? Im really stuck in these concepts. I love so many things about christianity and the Bible, I believe in God and think he is the greatest. But I can not pretend I wouldnt have to do a crazy amount of mental gymnastics to justify certain pessages, which means I find it hard to call the book the word of God instead of something written by humas as we are all flawed,

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