Day 17 Fort Ad Pays Calculator Correction

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Fort Ad Pays Calculator
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MORAD dima maghrib says:

no money.all is fake.this site don't pay.i lose it all there

Kaiton Brewer says:

Are u able to have more then one account?

BitcoinPro says:

what good is a calculator when they most you can withdraw keeps going down. Now the max is $300/week. Drew Burton is now promoting 2 new programs so what does that tell you?

JEFFREY Ville says:

Payza Maximum Withdraw Request Amount Per Day Is Over Today.
Please Come Back Tomorrow. Thats what it always says I try all the time

Traffic Monsoon Mom says:

Hey Ng, My computer doesnt have excel I tried to down load the calculator. Can you do me a favor and do a video starting with $800 and then 3 weeks later on the calculator add another 800 and show me where it will be in 3 months? 6 months and 9 months? Thank you 🙂

Farid Mohd says:

it's just a matter of time guys!

Farid Mohd says:

Guys, remember revenue sharing program previously,,justbeenpaid and bannerbrokers..did we not learn anything??

Daddeldooo says:

Please register about my link and I'll send you back 50% of commission for your first deposit. For example: If you make a deposit of 100$ – I'll get 8$ and I'll send you back 4$.
Sende me a message.

VidGag says:

hi i have subscribd in your youtube chanel so can you give me calculator please

Jose Gomez says:

friend've been doing the announcement of FP and have spent little bit of a ptc because in my country there are no dollars, I'm from Venezuela, I can help with 1 or 2 any amount FP my user is josedaniel2121 all I can do for you it is to place your video and link to social networks because it is free.

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