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AJHDesignsMusicfans says:

Cool video have you checked out the BitMaker app? Sign up with my code and we will each get 1250 Satoshi when you try it. Code: C8T3B8

florida ttyy says:

want you guys to try this site its better than genesis and they really pay will .and please will also like you guys to use my referral link please .after join you will see the difference

‫אורן פרידלנד‬‎ says:

tell me something, if you say they are legit and always paying , whats to lose? how much can i earn daily if i invest 1 btc ?

Craig Grant says:

few days ago some dude came to my channel telling sob stories about his genesis mining bad experience, I felt sorry for him, and to get him off my back I deleted over 20 videos that promoted genesis mining in the description, right now I have my genesis mining payouts going strait to steem power, and I am very happy to see the daily deposits in my steem wallet transactions. plus I got some hash power from referrals the day after I deleted all those videos, that's kinda shady, but I care not :). I am getting daily payments for money I already forgot about spending on mining contracts, and it's a lifetime contract… sweeeeet :)

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