Day 1 of Genesis Mining $92 USD Deposit to start

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Check it out go to

Use promo code 3UohWg

Day 1 of Genesis Mining. I have chosen this program because it’s very stable and reputable. That’s all I am looking for in a online income source.

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Zach W says:

I've been using Genesis for a while and it's fantastic. I started with the smallest plan and kept buying more hashpower to get more BTC over time lol . By the way, feel free to use code 5KTSXZ for a 3% discount if you choose to sign up with them

Neron NEROS says:

Hej what up with hashocean ?

Phyllis Baker says:

Thanks Ng. I joined a long time ago but did not know what to do till now. I followed your instructions thank you. I also used your promo code thanks. Do you know of a company ?? I joined them too and deposited 3 Bitcoin and I also don't know what next to do I do hope you will make a video of that for myself and your followers, many thanks in advance Phyllis Baker

ali alaoui says:

HELLO, gavin, thanks for the video, i will certainly sucbsrcibe below you, but do u have any idea about return, heard around 5% per month, what are u going to mine eth, or bitcoin, pls give us more info

Bambino1974 says:

I like your videos. I'm building my Hashocean now but later I'm interested in this. Will it pay in other crypto-currencies?

ChrisMillervideos says:

Glad to see you in Genesis Mining, Best of Luck! What I like is that they pay out daily with no minimum balance.

Shola Abe says:

hashocean is a hyip

Anetch Hrak7 says:

I will also be going into HashFlare by next month.

Anetch Hrak7 says:

Wow. Can't believe I beat you here. I was going to tell you about it after a month. I started two weeks ago. The return is a lot less than HashOcean's. I went to it because it doesn't have the issues of HashOcean which are justifiable concerns but in coming here I am following your advice not to be overly vulnerable in one area, so I am spreading my risk in my cloud mining holdings. Thanks for your leadership.

Morne van Heerden says:

NG, I have an X11 contract with Genesis mining. The pay-out that I received dropped by more than 50%. Rather go for the bitcoin contracts. Also if you buy with a credit card they will keep your daily earnings for 30 days before they pay it out to try and prevent credit card fraud. They do pay-out daily to your bitcoin wallet and their support team is good.

Marjun Guindulman says:

Man I'm planning to invest in Genesis using may Visa card,.

Mozammel Quddus says:

is it 1% per day?

Nanaka GN says:

Ng what do you think about Coince? Do you think it will last? Apreciate your videos and the knowledge your giving for free

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