Daily Marketing Tactic: Traffic Junky

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Adult advertising networks are extremely cheap and very underused by most advertisers. If your brand isn’t meant to be family friendly and is a consumer product, you can get an incredible amount of value out of inventory that others look down on.

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MynxMorose says:

they dont give u traffic, i tried and none of the ppl that interacted w/ my ads did anything else

Awesome People says:

I spent $25 and only made $10. What am I doing wrong?

Shannon Taukamo says:

Hey Bro I am currently undertaking cpl marketing and was looking for a place to advertise my product on pornhub, and found a advertising icon down the very bottom of the page, I was lead to Traffic Junky and was astounded at the amount of potential they provide on a platform stand point, even down to the stats for traffic. I think this might be the new innovation for traffic given that most of the world is on here lol, Happy Marketing My Bro, Lets Crack It!!!!!

I Love U jaan says:

Hi pls contact me timepass14343@gmail.com

Biggz says:

i figured it out bro, God bless you

Biggz says:

ive done everything to par, however im only being allowed one spot selection( x tube) site and not all of them , please inform me if there is a step i have missed jeromy

King ojile says:

Great video Jeromy , waiting for more videos

naruedol charoenpaiboonsin says:

thank you so much for making this helpful video but I have some questions how to calculate the cost for the ads.

Thank you so much.

Mister A says:

Can i promot cpa on afult site. As people gont give out their email easily

CPA/Affiliate Marketing says:

Thanks Boss

Walter Gladstone says:

What other networks allow cannabis ads?

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