Crypto Pros Review – Crypto Pros Comp Plan – Crypto Pros Scam?

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Crypto Pros Review – Crypto Pros Comp Plan – Crypto Pros Scam?

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Cash Only says:

Bro .. dont put CRYPTO PROS SCAM… Thats not a good way to promote or talk about it.. You showed me how to use it and then when i see you put Crypto Pro scam, pissed me off because its not but the title makes it seems like the program is.. this guy told me about is a scam.. but watching it u say is it aSCAM OR NOT.. Put that in the title .. You almost lost a viewer because just reading the title tells me its a scam n now he making videos about crypto pro..,.when he was talking so highly of it..

Arthur Madrigal says:

I Support you all the way through through me all your referral

dennis carroll says:

It says not a secure site! That’s a no for me.

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