Crypto Pros Review and Why I joined Crypto Pros

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Join my Crypto Pros team and I will help to get started. Learn more about Crypto Pros here:

Crypto Pros is a new online advertising platform with great compensation plan. It has a Bronce forces 2×20 matric and a Platinum recurring commission plan.

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Why I joined Crypto Pros:

5 years ago Frank took Four Corners Alliance to the Moon. He was the no 1 recruiter in the world. He is comparing Crypto Pros with Four Corners a lot because he likes it so much, I think.

He made more than $150 000.00 in Four Corners and it did not have a recurring income arm.

Frank does not join any program unless he knows the program and admin is solid.

Crypto Pros is crypto bases and a very low ticket item. This will allow the masses to get in.

I think it is much better than Four Corners because it has a recurring income. But you will have to decide for yourself.

Crypto Pros has a Pay It Forward option, so members can help each other build their online businesses.

I am planning to refer +500 members as I did with Hashing Ad Space.

Free Tools I use:

1. Youtube
2. Free Video Recording software here:
3. Free Thumbnail creator and more:
4. The Million Dollar Funnel:
5. I recommend Aweber:
6. Learn to build an email list:

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or use my contact details below.

Thank you for watching.



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matina oustan says:

quite innovative & top quality

mamado crew says:

wow 😉 top vid

Susmita Roy says:

views will surely rise !! epic!

hung vu says:

like it 😉 I’m glad I found you

MC Creative Constructions says:

these again.. dunno..

R Quake says:

think your sub count will rise after this ! keep it up

Arthur Madrigal says:

I all so on Crypto Pros and I have use many other websites with the same model . I widle it down to two website that actually Good.

Get to know me because I am a motivated referals team members and learn that the more social interaction with one another open the door for other to work together .

Hope to here from you soon with a reply.

Nhan Laresma says:

Hi Colin! I've joined Crypto Pros after I came across your ad in Hashing Ad Space 3 weeks ago(11/11/2019). Unfortunately I got bankrupt from joining one program to another that's why I didn't have any money left to purchase even just the $2 ad pack under the Bronze Matrix. I just wondering if you can sponsor me under the PIF Program. I'm willing to put in all the work needed to refer people and grow our team, especially, now that after several weeks of researching on the internet about "Making Money Online" I believe I already have a good grasp of what it takes to be able to effectively market online and persuade people to join programs. Thanks to your youtube videos especially that series about List Building. Btw I've already signed up for a free AWeber & account and planned out some good marketing strategies. I just really need someone to sponsor me. I hope you still have some left on your Crypto Pros Credit to sponsor me. Thanks!

LPS channel pleng plea says:

love the quality and thumbs up

Michael Lenderman says:

I can't believe you dont have more subscribers & good video

Tiktak Function says:

I can't believe you dont have more subscribers !! nice job

primo dobino says:

next please nice job

Elida Gjana says:

Enjoyable and keep it up

Seer Sapate says:

love the quality & i'll be back

Eyvert Achique says:

Good video… i like me <3

colombianas alterno says:

cool . 10/10

amy says:

Probably fully watch this later , 9/10

alaia Mcbrown says:

bussines related info good vid

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