Copy Trading 2024 – Tutorial for Complete Beginners

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0:00 Introduction
0:34 Copy Trading Explanation
0:59 Where to start Copy-trading
2:23 Next steps
3:02 Most important step
5:40 Beware of fake traders
7:33 Settings
9:27 My opinion about CopyTrading

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@arkadNFT says:

Hi there,
Can we do copy trade by using bingX bonuses ?

@haiotis123 says:

Thx bro, needed it im new to crypto 🙂
Do you change traders often?

@Aladdinlt says:

Thanks for the video. Could you explain – why would someone need to copy futures traders and not the spot traders?

@ManpreetSingh-wj3fb says:

I am from India.can you help me,?

@rphmbinga says:

Great topic and content! So, do they earn money by letting us copy their trades? Thanks!

@Gurpreetsingh-ef6hg says:

You nailed it brother

@immortalraptor477 says:

This really is helpful and exactly what i've been searching for! Thanks alot ser

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