Coince Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

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Click the following link to check my facts on the Coince Scam:

Friends and internet neighbors, scammers are using almost everything about cryptocurriencies to run scams. They have created fake cryptocurriencies and fake mining operations. Now we have a company that claims to be involved with wholesale electricity for Bitcoin mining. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into the Coince money making opportunity. Here is what I have found.


Maxime Bien-Aime says:

This is the message i receive. Do you trust it?
We are sorry for the inconvenience as we were hacked by a group of hackers and our system have detected some missing information in account user due to hack we are currently revising the system payment. There are many pending withdrawals and all the payment will be made on immediate basis this update will allow us to identify your account and refund your purchases.

Follow these steps for Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfectmoney to claim refund:

· Send receiving address from your wallet.
· Send 0.02 to (1P5TRqE4BxcY71ApL9xFttxXp5j8XDzJ5L) 0.02+invested amount +accumulated profit all will be returned with your balance.
· Send $18 dollars to P27932203 for payeer users.
· Send $18 dollars to U12838193 for perfect money users.

All these amounts will be returned with your balance. This process is intended for the safety of users account information. The account which will not be verified by users will not be refunded. We will not be responsible for those who are sending payments to unknown person.

Power Supplies & Equipment Ltd
1 Lumley Street, Mayfair
London W1K 6TT
United Kingdom

steven acree says:

Hey man im not knocking you but damn is everything a scam sooooo since you KNOW THAT WHATS A GOOD INVESTMENT……YOU REMINDED ME OF ANGRY MAN ON MARTIN LOOK THAT UP!!!!

Raymond Miller says:

Hey Ethan I like you videos i am a stay at home dad trying to earn money from home and im looking for an actualy home based job or business opportunity for my family and children. you have saved me from 4 scams so far that i am greatly appreciative of ! would you possibly be able to help with a list or maybe just a few home based jobs that are legit or business opportunities that are home based. this would help me and my family out greatly i hope you see this comment and are able to respond!

Jimmy Page says:

how can i get back my money? i lost around 15000$! please help me !

CP says:

Please do one of these on the dreadful LuLaRoe!

Charles Wynn says:

tell me… what's not a scam? lol

Darshan Avaiya says:

swis coin is also like one coin ..?or is't

Christine B. Williams says:

Thanks Ethan ! but many of us who bought into the HYIP have found out this a week ago. but better late than never. I am sharing your video for those who have not heard.

Sovath Y says:

How to get money back from I lost around 2000$?

drc10101 says:

how did you find this info on the owners? I have tried but only found what their whois said.

Muzamil Naveed says:

So coince no more paying?

Thomas True says:

This con job runs along the lines of ForEx and foreign investment scams. These clowns know exactly what they are doing. People in other countries aren't as susceptible to these schemes, because they are no greed-driven like people in the United States.

Ade Torrent says:

Hahaha. Why doesn't the government clamp down on these people? Are they working legal loopholes or what? If I broke the law, I'd be arrested. Why can't the Law go after them?

Abs Godwin says:

Ethan your late XD

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