Coince Released a HUGE Secret That Most Still Dont Understand

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Watch the video to learn the secret that Coince recently released, then register here:

When you’ve calmed yourself after realizing what Coince just did, register at the link above.

Disclaimer: Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Take your seed money off the table asap, if you get paid. There’s never any guarantee how long these programs will be around – even the paying ones.


Pack Hunter says:

I don't think so because your initial deposit will expire after 60 days, and at best only your profit will remain…I also wonder if aftter 60 days, everything won't expire…please verify your findings after 60 days…until then I'm getting my payouts daily!!

Duncan Page says:

Yes this man is right .I have an account on this site and i can
testify it pays. There are other sites paying since several years too
but coince is the best ! everyday you can with re invest or withdraw nice juicy amounts.
The growth of coince is just amazing ! And because you can use
compounding , you can really litteraly get rich in a short time with
this site.

Fandy richard says:

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# 4G Internet – investments of $33 per day from the percentage of 2%, term of operation of the contract – 90 days. It proposed that to purchase a certain number of contracts becomes impossible after the redemption of all contracts.

Ng Gavin says:

Brother are you on Facebook, connect with me . I joined under you in Coince. I am up to 3K+ now in withdrawal :)

Will Will88 says:

Everybody please Read this This is not new at all I knew to compound daily everyday that is for automatic compounding but it doesn't work like you think it is better to do it yourself everyday and what I'm about to tell everybody coinces is not a scam at all but the money you think you will get at the end of 60 days is 100% false it will stay there and the big shocker whatever you invested when you started coince it will be taking out at the end of your 60 days that means you lose your first investment but you keep compounding daily from what is still on coinces please remember what I'm telling you my 60 days ended Aug 1 I started Jun 2 I thought everything was going to be release after 60 days but nope I guess the strategy is to let it build up to a point where you fell like the daily is what you want like if your daily is like a $100 or even more you might want to take that out everyday trust me my time using coinces I only took out $12 one time everything else I compounded everyday and put more money in I going to let ride out for a while if anybody got any questions just holla at me I will help anybody with this


Hi guys!!! Now you can download your Coince Calculator from our Site
Hope everyone finds it interesting

usman ghani says:

if i invest 100 dollars than from this compounding on 100 than how much can i earn and did the contrect will expire after 60 days than what abt my earning how can i get my earning even as i set it to 100 for compounding.

Saud Faisal says:

Thank You Mike J Anthony Very Much. and I've Invested my money. And I've set the Compounding to 100% but what I'm seeing is that only my Investment is increasing and No earning is Increasing. So if the Investment would keep on Increasing and No earning would be made then after the 60 days Contract period that Investment will Expire and I won't have any earnings?

Saud Faisal says:

And One more thing Bro. The Story that Coince tells about selling cheap electricity and all seems very Legit. But what I don't Understand is that why doesn't it show us some proof like maybe a short Video of their Company and Secondly this site Claims it's owner as Joseph Miller. But there's no record of this Person on the Internet or any social site and thirdly why has this Company made fake Testimonal Videos from Fiverr, I mean why not make them real? please answer all these doubts I'd be very Grateful and Btw I love your Video and I'm thinking of Investing 500$ and my plan is to take thek out as soon as I earn profit on them but whats worrying me are all these things and the biggest doubt that that website might shut down Immediately after I invest, what should I do bro?

Ishu Padam says:

and I have joined you …..

Ishu Padam says:

give me you fb address link ….mike

Saud Faisal says:

so If I invest 100$ andIF I Set The Compounding to 100% does that mean after 2 months my account balance will be 480$ or will I have to wait even after those 2 months to get to 480$?

Saud Faisal says:

If I Set the Compounding to 100% then everything I'll earn will keep get reinvesting in it. Then How will I earn anything cz whatever I'll earn will keep going back into the investment?

Ishu Padam says:

If i invest $100 on 100% compounding…and after 60 days…may i able to withdraw $480?? as what your calculater showed to me

Jorge Viloria says:

question you mean if you compound 100% for 60 days or at the end of the first deposit, you will get all the money back? you will get deposit every day when this option is set to 100% could you please clarify me this ?

Rickey Martin says:

I knew about this for at least a month now…Coince is like the CIA very secretly doing things without telling their members another secret is they just upgraded their sever's to handle 5 million members…Go figure!

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