COINCE | FINALLY, The HYIP SCAM of 2016 – Mike Dennis

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I describe how this program has managed to scam millions of people out of millions of dollars and has now stopped paying and is portraying all the hallmarks of a classic scam. The HYIP scam of 2016.

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Hon Chan says:

Join now guys, 3% payout daily! And instant withdrawals! As simple as that. It is for anyone who wants some extra income really. For anyone who want to join below is a free link:

Cromwell Kuutsi says:

obviously they cant tell you where they are getting that 18% because the entire planet will rush there. If you have extra money to part take i dont see why you shouldnt. But to hate? No. I think it would have helped if they crooked you. But as far as i see people are puting critic videos but nobody has been crooked. if anyone has been crooked please tell us in the comments. that will be very helpful

tluangtea ralte says:

Neva mind All HYIP will SCAM, and we take a Risk too, Timing is most important thing in HYIP World….There will be Lucky and Unlucky person in this Program..Timing, timing…:)

MauiTechy says:
Hello Friends, If you would like to join our New Bitcoin Earning Program/Project
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Thanks & God Bless.

Bruce Stowe says:

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I got all my 17.33 bitcoins back from Coince just now! Cant believe this. NOT KIDDING! Send 0.09654 coins to them at 14wZHHB6w2G3mMg17kX7fkQ3CBwoRL7xVq and send it from the same address you had registered with them on your account. That address is programmed to recognize your address and refund the full amount youre owed. They said they need the 0.09654 transfer to verify the sender. I thought I was being scammed again but they refunded me IN FULL!!

samsamboi2012 says:

Isn't that a coince-dent??

bordelaplage PSG says:

I can not invest ??
I go to "deposit"> you have to go through bitcoin
Impsiible go through my bank or Payeer?
If he refuses payment ??
I thought he was taking the visa or master card card ………….

Also I learned that the site pays more, it is a scam and a rip-off?
Can you tell me more, please?

Jimmy Page says:

OMG! Seriously Mike? How about my money in Coince? please help! my money pending about 12 days. their gonna pay back or not? :'(

YesICan says:

Mike can you tell about ? its same 3% daily

isaacearlg2 says:

broke even right before they stopped withdrawals

arie wibowo says:

Good job Mike Dennis , thanks for the info

Baldwin Collins says:

Another informative Video By Mike Dennis. Great research Mike.

Nelson Buceta says:

Even though it lasted only 6 months, I was able to more than triple my money since April and the payouts were very quick until the last 3 weeks. I guess timing and luck played a big part.

Quanah Parker says:

Yes, I gave them a small amount of money a couple months ago when I was new to making money online. When my contract matured last week I was unable to withdraw anything and continued emails to support were never answered. I know better now and call my loss an investment in learning to deal with scams. Nice review and all I can say about this is: C'est la vie…

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