Coinbase Review 2017

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Review of coinbase bitcoin wallet


Mark DiSessa says:

OK, so what wallet should I get to transfer my bitcoin from coinbase to? I only have .8 as of now, but still. I got a mycellium wallet app and only have one address that when I copy it doesnt work. What wallet would you use? Then, is good place to buy them?

32ndBrother says:

thanks for the clarity

Lone Dao says:

Don't worry about the IRS. Just keep good records and declare your gains and loses (just like stocks, options, fund investment, etc.).

Lone Dao says:

Just opened coinbase account. A bit of a struggle getting past the ID verification. A royal pain. I bought a piece of bitcoin for $105 (bank deposit) and was charged $106.46. It will take 9 days to clear. Then I deposited and additional $140 (bank deposit- limited to $250 a week). This will take 9 days to clear. Maybe the weekend has something to do with the length of time. Waiting to see what happens. . .

Descartes Dooley says:

What is a good alternative?

Zephyraijunzo says:

Good thing I fall upon your video review of Coinbase, excellent!

I came close to using my credit card this morning to buy some BTC on Coinbase but luckily I couldn't access my credit card account to verify the two small fees number you suppose to input for verification.

Given what you said about Coinbase, what are your suggestions of an alternative to it or how do I obtain BTC or altcoins without mining or pay ridiculous high fees? I'm from Canada by the way.


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