Coinbase Live AMA with CEO Brian Armstrong [May 16, 2019]

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Join Coinbase live with CEO Brian Armstrong as he answers questions from the crypto community.

At Coinbase, our mission is to create an open financial system for the world.

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Tech-shot moon says:

Oh, I can't download coinbase pro for some reason. I wounder why

Tech-shot moon says:

Cant wait when coinbase adds a lot more coins to buy.

C3zar79 Escamilla says:

Your honesty does show in this AMA. It shows that you care about people making money not this all negative stories about XRP and charge fee to list certain crypto. Yeah keep up the AMA.

Andrew Black says:

and when is Cardano?

jaw monk says:

There's one important thing Coinbase is missing on this moment and that's DigiByte.
There is also a huge community waiting for that! Coinbase needs to show more support to decentralised Blockchains!
That will be a huge improvement!

I am me, we are you says:

Tezos on Coinbase with staking? Hmmm.

Josh says:

That was better than I expected. Thanks!

Nate Tant says:

Is cardano still on coinbases list to add?

James Burkett says:

Would like to know more about how you pick the Coins you list And what Coins you consider listing in the future

Schink Diesel says:

Coinbase Dark Mode?

CKJ Crypto News says:

I have a YouTube Channel I mainly talk about XRP and Coinbase. Its time for the XRP ARMY and Coinbase to be on Same Team . It would be Huge for Brain To Come on my Show.

GodOfLean says:

Please add tron and monero!

Random Guy On The Internet Posting Comments says:

Your mom must be so proud of you… lol

Billy Ferguson says:

Is there any info when you guys may list ADA??

Richard Jenkins says:


Richard Jenkins says:

Will you consider adding Cardino?

Leighton Nugent says:

The Coinbase exchange is easy to use for newbies like me and trustworthy!

Passive Income Tom says:

Will you add TRX?

Andrew Pride says:

Thanks, enjoyed

Chris Lajambe says:

Please do more lives. It helps coinbase more than you know 🙂

Crypto Vegan says:

Can we buy and sell in nigeria?

anonymous _ says:

I wish i could buy nano on coinbase. it’s my favorite exchange

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