Coinbase CEO Armstrong on the Future of Crypto

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Aug.14 — Coinbase Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Brian Armstrong talks about the outlook for cryptocurrencies with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang at the Players Technology Summit in San Francisco.


Religion On Trial says:

Diversity warrior! Every time i watch her show ,she talks about diversity .How about you creating your company and hire your girlfriends?

Nes232 says:

He looks not from earth.

The Fucked up Trump Jong-un Hybrid says:

Dayum, this Conbase motherfucker looks like he only has another 5 days to live…fuck me. I’d rather sleep under a fucking bridge in a cardboard box than have 500 million and look like this sick fuck. Conbase has become irrelevant.

Kevin Myers says:

I wonder why ETC has not blown up since they just added it to Coinbase? Kind of like BCH did when they added it last year…

youcreatea X says:

Coinbase doesn't even work in Canada. I can't link my credit card. Women or men behind the scene can't even make it work?

Get it together until then don't care about your ideas.

Edit, ok I watched this and care about the topic but please service Canada

Cdogmaximilian says:

God, Coinbase working with Ellen Pao. Don't keep your crypto there its fucked.

Cloak Booian says:

3.09min „no intermediaries“ – I guess coinbase take this job now.

Ash B says:

Crypto's going down the toilet. Get out while you can

Christian Teubner says:

Unfortunately they have zero customer service and both times I bought coins from them they kept my money for 12 days while the market went down I ended up losing money because they kept it for at least a week longer than the bank released

fatBoy says:

hey it's lex luthor

Paul H. Kircher III says:

It was fun when it was there.

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