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Coinbase Breaking News – Coinbase went to CNBC’s Fast Money for a Major new Anncouncement today – was it really major!? Watch this video for a glimpse on what Coinbase is really seeking for 2018 in terms of their plans – the truth. Enjoy!
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I am not a licensed financial advisor. Anything contained within this video is intended for educational purposes only. You should not buy, sell, or invest any asset based upon what I say in this video. Recognize that investing carries extreme risk, including loss of initial capital. I am in no way liable for your trading gains or losses – this is not trade advice and should not be taken as such


Neal Rodriguez says: <New Mobile App Exchange set to drop this month. check it out guys and gals:)

Great Vid Nomad!

Gordon D says:

Crypto Tips 2018 – automated – with $1 trail –

Lennert Kvamme says:

Digibyte is gonne be on there..

Darren Mason says:

Total noob and use Coinbase currently. What would you recommend I look at as an alternative?

Romeo Casper says:

we've been left out…..bastards.

Romeo Casper says:

This further verifies the fact that Ripple will end up getting listed as they are the only ones that have any type of regulation.

Thomas Hollen says:

In my opinion, either way you look at it, it undermines are investment in the coin, Why don't they invest in the coin? There leaving us totally out in the cold and its not good as I see it.

Thomas Hollen says:

I think it undermines are investments, He talks about seed investments in companies, well then, what the hell are we doing investing in the coin?

TopTech Services says:

TYPICAL CLICKBAIT LEAD TITLE AND THUMB TAG PIC. Coinbase announcement was garbage.

sullytube7 says:

Regulatory certainty means coins that are definitely not considered a security which could be regulated by the SEC. All coins that raised assets by allowing investors to purchase a portion of the coin’s market cap are considered securities. Ethereum is the one coin on Coinbase that they maybe incorrect about, as it should be considered a security based on SEC standards.

ALTN8NRG says:

Ethereum and these other coins will become securities if they go “proof of stake”. SEC has tight control over Coinbase. Coinbase will model itself like other regulated investment companies. Middlemen and more fees.

Praisoft says:

Bitcoin does not have regulatory certainty and expects others to have it!? Hopefully, Binance will start fiat pairings sooner than later so I can move to it.

John Smith says:

1:41 His name is justin sun lol. Not justin tron

Andrew Freeman says:

is this Traveling Crypto's older brother?

Alexis Martinez says:

What regulatory clarity or certainty does Bitcoin have over, for example, Cardano? I'm calling a politically correct BS on everything he said.

TheRaven1352 says:

I left coin base and am now with Gemini no probs great service takes awhile  to get verified but worth the wait

Anthony sanders says:

Coinbase is disgusting! Psalms 9:17 is very befitting of them.

Ty Realist says:

I dont think coinbase cares about the average investor as well.. it appears no one wants the small time investor to make any money period.

Ahmad Siddiqi says:

Coinbase is not correctly fostering the crypto community. Unfortunately outside of crypto no one wants to use. Coinbase.

bill jones says:

I think he is obviously covering his ass because he is terrified of the SEC.

Pieter van Biljon says:

Use Abra, Coinbase Nah!!!

Shaka Zulu says:

Any centralized organization – like Coinbase – that exists in this space does so with either expressed or tacit government approval, especially in places like the US and China. Since both of these governments are riddled with corruption, as well as the mainstream media organizations, almost everything they do is to rob from main street and give to the rich ("Wall St.") It's clear, therefore, why most people they interview talk in opposites, much like the government bills that get passed, like, "The Patriot Act" (it was the opposite). So the guy in the interview says that futures have lowered volatility – opposite is true. More lies!

Anthony Johnson says:

Sounds like Wealth Transfer: 1 group comes in the front and invest their money, now another group comes in the back and drains the pot…….

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