Coinbase App Review – Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

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► Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet + $10 of Free Bitcoin:

In today’s Coinbase review, I go over the Coinbase app and all its features for buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. I also talk about why its one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. You can learn more about the Coinbase wallet here:


🔵 If you would like to see how to use Coinbase feel free to check out my in-depth walk through tutorial below:

► Coinbase Tutorial Video:

► How To Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

► How To Withdraw Money From Coinbase:

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► How To Buy Bitcoin With Zero Fees:

► How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal:


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► Coinbase Exchange Pros:

– Both an app and desktop platform
– Acts as a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin
– Can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with credit/ debit card or bank transfer
– Can withdraw through Paypal or bank transfer
– 2 Factor Authentication Security

► Coinbase Exchange Cons:
– App crashes occasionally
– Only 3 cryptocurrencies supported at the moment


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About this video:
In this Coinbase review, Erik from Immersive Tech TV reviews the Coinbase app how to use it, and discusses what is Coinbase, and how does Coinbase work? Through the Coinbase tutorial he shares his experience using the Coinbase exchange and dives into answering is Coinbase legit?

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored and all the opinions expressed are my from my own experience. Some of the links in this description contain affiliate links, which help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Thank you for watching!

If you have any questions about the Coinbase bitcoin wallet feel free to drop me a comment below and I will do my best to answer it as soon as possible!


Akash Gokani says:

It is famous in world ?

Anuj Mistry says:

I don't know anything about bitcoin mining plz tell me something

Jack Lee says:

any way you can record a vedeo to show us how to sign up and verification on mobile coinbase? I mean the complete sign up progress

depecheddurand says:

can i use coinbase app on bitcoin atms? like athena? to put money instantly?

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Yong Sim says:

Don't use coinbase use gdax !!!

William says:

Thank you very helpful I’m just starting out in crypto Iv Subscribed

Krypto Blade says:

how do u put ur crypto on a hardrive?

mns td says:

English subtitles?

Razor Back says:

I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

TheAmatuerSneakerHead says:

Is there a monthly fee?

Jokingly Funny says:

Great video

Top of top says:

no steam wallet?

blinker083 says:

Hi I’m very new to this and became very interested. What is the difference between investing or buying BTC LTC and ETH? Should I invest more on one of them?

georgiene says:

why isn't coinbase wallet secure enough. I have to then move funds to another more secure wallet and incur more fees? I don't understand this.

Diane Schildgen says:

My debit card was approved, but the card name is coming up as something different than my bank. What should I do? I have not yet purchased any bitcoin.

Steyr Aug says:

Is the bitcoin sending time as slow as blockchain orr does it just matter on the fees you pay

Zhanell carola says:

Can i use this in australia?

K B says:

I'm a new to question is what is the best website in your opinionto buy and sell for beginners..

loui ricardo says:

im new in this coinbase or bitcoin going on right now. My question is how do you make money on it? let say you invest $100 for bitcoin or litecoin etc. how can you make money on it?

Jonathan henriques says:

Invest in lite coin now! It’s going to explode

dresell4940 says:

Do not use Coinbase

Sir Ninja Raiden says:

Can I cash my bitcoin from this app to a debit card? Or does it have to be a bank acc?

itsmattsgaming says:

Would Cefcue be a good bank to use this with?

ricky ayy says:

Everyone sing up and no one got the 10 dollars bonus yet why ??

غريب الدار says:

Is this app safe???

NeoTheOne says:

I signed up with your referral and didn’t get an extra $10

sanober ajaz says:

Okay so if i buy 100$ worth of btc ,then what ?how will it increase ? I mean what do i have to to do to increase my btc lets say a whole bitcoin !

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