Coastal City Game Review 💯 Earned $118 Free Bitcoins

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Earn Free Bitcoins With Coastal City Game

In this review video I show you the new Coastal-City game. You can play this game for free but you can also make a investment to purchase more houses to earn a daily passive income and speed up the proces.

I just started to earn free bitcoin but a buddy of mine already earned $118! Again the game is called Coastal City and you make money by purchasing various buildings that will earn you free bitcoin!

When you register you will earn 5K silver coins and you can purchase your first building and earn money or BTC imidiatly. When you refer people and purchase houses your earnings will go up.

Play this new game free with the link below!

*update* I will deposited some BTC to speed things up a bit, then the withdraw feature will also be unlocked, i think this game is really going to pay off nicely* !!

You can withdraw with many different types of payments, dogecoin, mastercard, bitcoin, visa, and litecoin just to name a few.

Sign up today and see for yourself!



Musik Favorite Chanel says:

im buy simple house 5000silver & 78 PAY BACK profit per day 32 gold and 32 silver = 64 1 DAY , 64 X 78 DAY = 4992 = IM MINUS 8 …..My matematika ..true or not brother?

Top5RevShare says:

This is one of my favourite passive crypto games

Keepmovingforward says:

how is this program able to pay out ? how are they making money ?

bihoz ing's says:

hello, please explain to me what the mind payback? i think if need profit must waiting in 5-6 months. that right?

michael cavanagh says:

its a scam , sent funds over 9 hours ago and still not received them , and sent them emails and support tickets and got no response and yet my upline deposited and got his funds within 30 mins , and others have had to wait upto 3 days after they deposited for their funds , make your own minds up !!!

Martin Duelund says:

hello! but when you will withdraw for example to mastercard. where will i put the name, so they know where to send it???

Farkhar Kiran says:

Bro how to earn fast.

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