Clikdelivery training how to make sales everyday with Drew Burton video 1

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See this YouTube link for video #2:


Aaron Ngawaka says:

Brilliant Drew wouldnt expect anything less from you 🙂

b_raii205 says:

Great motivating video Drew, Thanks! on to number 2!

Des Jackson says:

Drew I so appreciate all you do for your teams and in fact ANYBODY who wants to learn to earn from the internet! You always give value and you do it so freely – thank you. Getting into your training and going to work at it – also looking forward to joining you in your new program. Yep…absolutely enjoying it man!!

mark bosley says:

thanks buddy lovin it..

Asiane Yang says:

I'm very interested in how to learn to make $10K/month. Please !


Just have to say that u r doing an incredible job. 2 people I felt would be well able have opted out saying that they wud rather be led and fed……… I simply smiled, hid my disappointment and must now more than ever prove that I can do this

Gregory Shannon says:

Thank you so much for this information. Now is the time to take action on this. Looking forward to the next video. See you there

David Farnell says:

Great video Drew….we now know the top 3 websites in the world ratings according to I was the 997 viewer of this video. Onward…..

Neeraj Dalvi says:

great video liked it.

Mark Perera says:

Drew thanks for this videos. I would love do such thing. But English is my second language and I'm in SCARE CITY right now. Please help us to over come this.

Paul Marty says:

Cheers Drew…amazing vids,as always.,..

Tom Billard says:

Good stuff my fellow canadian

Tita Julz Paekau says:

got my facebook account done i will tidy all the area's up make it more people friendly.

Ed Kirwan says:

Looking forward to more of your training Drew. Anyone who hasn't seen your training should!

Thanks for your generosity of knowledge and brilliant teaching style.

Felecia Townsend says:

Thank you Drew!! 🙂

Mark Slater says:

Cheers Drew, Video 1 is a great start 🙂


Yes Drew if it kills me this time I will do it and follow through. U are indeed so decent to follow/ Also thank u for introducing me to ILYAS. He has allowed my VIDEOS through, and as I am so ill, I have DYSTONIA and u have encouraged me to try to make videos and so I am doing CLIK DELIVERY FOR DUMMIES I do not know how I will ever repay ur kindness but repay it, I WILL

Penny Gunther says:

Thanks Drew!

Drew B says:

Hope you guys are enjoying this =)

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