Clik Delivery| New Updates on ClikDelivery and ClikDelivery Review by Shaikh Amin

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This video is about Click Delivery and the New Updates on ClikDelivery and ClikDelivery Review
This are the Updates:
First of all, we are eliminating Repurchase Rule from all of our adpack plans, which means you will be able to withdraw 100% of your funds to your payment processors without any obligation to keep a certain percentage of your money into the system.
Second big change and after deep thinking, we have decided to increase our daily withdrawal limit to 1000$ instead of 500$ which we believe will attract more big players to our amazing opportunity.
The last big change is a genuine concept that we are going to implement into our program which we strongly believe will guarantee our stay for a long long time!
After a long brainstorming on how to sustain the business on the longterm, we have came to the fact that debt accumulation cannot be avoided if all members are putting in some funds in the beginning, repurchasing for a period of time, and start withdrawing their seed money, and after that, draining all program funds for the eternity.
That being said, we came up with a new concept that will ensure fresh funds continuously rolling in from new and also old members.
The idea is that a member who put a given amount of money into the system cannot withdraw more than 5x times their seed money.
And obviously, when a member hit his “seed money x 5” withdrawal cap, his adpacks are reset to 0 and he has to put in fresh money into the system again to purchase new adpacks and thus make more profit.
This will ensure fresh money always coming in and ensure that every member will get their seed money back because the concept of old / new member will be erased.
In other words, every old member who withdrawn (5x) their seed money will become a new member again.
And obviously, when a member make a profit of 500%, he will most likely add fresh funds again to make more money because this system will work like crazy and every member will be 100% sure that there are enough fresh funds for him to be paid.
A little example to make things clear, Mike put 2000$ into Clikdelivery (doesn’t matter if the money has been put in one unique deposit or many small deposits), Mike can basically cashout up to 2000$ x 5 = 10000$ from Clikdelivery.
After hitting this cap, his adpacks will be deleted and he must add fresh funds to the system so he can purchase new adpacks to generate more income.
Regarding referral commission, a member will be able to withdraw up to 3x times his referral commission balance. Which means a member who has a total referral commission balance of 2000$ will be able to withdraw up to 6000$ from the system, and obviously, for each adpack purchased by one of his referrals, it will expand his counter with 3x his referral commission.
Here is a simple example to better understand this:
John referred Paul to Clikdelivery, and Paul made a purchase of 2000$ worth of adpacks, John’s referral commission will be of 2000$ x 10% = 200$. John will be able to cashout up to his referral commission (200$) x 3 = 600$ from the system.
And if Paul makes another purchase of adpacks of 500$, it will expand John’s counter with 50$ x 3 = 150$, so John will be able to withdraw up to 750$ instead of 600$.
Please try to assimilate this concept as it’s very important and inform your downlines about these changes.
Also, please understand that these changes are made for the benefit of all of us and to ensure the stability and longterm of our Clikdelivery.
From my experience in this industry, i can tell you that almost all revshares fall down because of debt accumulation and fresh funds stopping to come. With this move, you can be assured that our program with stand out from the competition and will always be in a healthy financial situation that will benefit all our old and loyal members as well as new comers. It will also prevent those “hit and run” people from draining funds from the system after a short period of time.
I also believe that every member who care about our common success will welcome these positive changes and only GREEDY people will complain about it.
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