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ClikDelivery is an Online Advertising Platform with Revenue Sharing option. We are here to help online marketers, entrepreneurs, local business owners, and everyone looking for new traffic sources, to promote their products and services to a real targeted audience.

Actually, our first and main goal is to provide you with High Quality advertising services that will help you reach an engaged audience especially in the “make money/e-marketing” niche.

You are invited to explore all of our advertising packages to find out which ad service is the most suitable for your advertising campaigns.

In addition to offering outstanding ad services, we are proud to offer a successful business opportunity as we help people to make money online via our profitable business model called “Revenue Sharing”.

Revenue Sharing allows members to share Clikdelivery’s revenues from advertising sales distributed every hour with different Returns on Investment (ROI). (You can refer to the Payplan for more details).

We strongly believe that our well established payplan allows us to maintain our program sustainability and therefore make it very longterm and profitable for all of our loyal members for years to come!

We wish you an outstanding advertising experience with Clikdelivery!

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lalph godan says:

We are moving forward smoothly and sales are SPECTACULAR !

So here is a little reminder for old and new members:
1. STP deposits are processed MANUALLY and may take between 1-8 hours to reflect in your account.
If you fund your account via STP and don't see the funds right after, it's normal, NO NEED to send us a support ticket regarding this, as since day 1, we didn't missed one single STP deposit. All deposits are credited quickly to their members.
Also, regarding the Solidtrustpay payment status "failed" in your payment history, it's a well known script glitche that we cannot control, that's exactly why we are handling STP deposits manually.
2. Surfing is NOT required to earn from adpacks until further notice.
3. My account is inactive, what's the reason for this ?
Clikdelivery does not inactivate accounts for NO reason, if your account is inactive, it means that after checking your account activity, we noticed that you are involved in cheating activities such as referring yourself to benefit from referral commission, trying to cashout to the same Payment processor from different accounts, using VPN to modify your IP…etc
If your account is inactive, you can still send us a support ticket to know the reason, however, we reserve the right to decide either to reactivate your account or to keep it inactive. In most cases, deactivated accounts will remain inactive as we have ZERO tolerance for cheating!
4. What's the daily cap? Do you have a calculator?
There are NO fixed earnings in Clikdelivery, daily percentages will vary upon sales and will be something between 1-4%, again, if you are looking for some 8-10% daily, we are not offering such unhealthy percentages as we are here for the LONGTERM, we will see if those other programs who offer 10% daily will be still there after 6 months.
In my opinion, no calculator can be accurate for a program with variable earnings.
I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for your support and trust in me and my team, especially when we were going through some difficult situations and i can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, just stick with us and you will surely make some good money from Clikdelivery!
FYI, those days for which the site was DOWN, we ONLY got 4 disputes out of 5000 members which really shows how much TRUST we accumulated and how much people are seeing us as the next game-changer of this industry in term of stability and good earnings! Obviously, those 4 members were immediately banned from CD.
Our awesome stats until now:
Total Members: 5779
Total Deposits: $381,330.87
Total Payouts: $13517.21
Alexa Rank: 90971
Have a nice day all !

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