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Everywhere I look in my groups people are responding to this extremely weird fight. As the most woke Youtub money biz guy I see that my logical opinion is needed here. Enjoy.

#gossip #drama #basicasf


Daevion Taylor says:

0:32 You Forgot to mention Andrei Jikh

John Horvath says:

Their yugioh trap card lmfaoooo

Res Com says:

I like what you have to say Alex

sab veintinueve says:

Cardone is a salesman and wants to push his “ invest with me, dont buy a house” agenda for his benefit but the man NEVER mentions Kevin, though. Kevin is a Junior compared to Grant. Pretty much could be his son. He is pretty much using Grant for ATTENTION.

cherryness14 says:

I really need to know what this outro song is.

etay cohen says:

Alex talks like Jesse Eisenberg

Anthony Conger says:

Dude you sound like some high school mean girls bullie.

Doug D says:

Grant laid off more than half of his dedicated employees. It looks like his non-credited investors into Cardone capital are trying to get their money back. And they are being denied. Hard times are coming, I feel really sorry for the non-creditor investors that will most likely lose all their money. My guess is a class action lawsuits are coming. I feel really bad for the small time investors, they will lose the most. Very Sad. I hope Cardone Capital does the right thing And put his clients before himself. Sadly he probably won’t! Could be a Ponzi scheme!

Artistry Artistry says:

So you "like" an unethical asshole who's bolstering his own brand by sucking the blood of a more successful person in his field. Sorry Alex, but that says a lot about YOUR character.

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