Capital 7 HYIP Review $627 – Day 7 WITHDRAW PROOF – NO SCAM Capital7

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This videos is sharing my journey on Capital 7 and showing you my earnings and withdraw proofs so far. All fine on Capital 7 we are enjoying our time making money

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M Kiet says:

Thanks for your information i just joint Capital7. You are now my sponsor

Kenny Ekene says:

hello sir. can you withdraw daily?

Salman Audi says:

hello sir thanks for your videos, i just have one question, how do we know exactly when the owners of this system are goin to come out with another program? as u mentioned it might close within 3 months time,since thier other programs were also closed. How do we know their next program? so we know exactly when its open and started. thank you

khm says:

I have initiated 3 withdrawals at Capital7. After one month, they have not performed anyone and they do not reply to any message sent to the support. It is clearly a scam.

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