Build an Epic Paradise: Unveiling New Tealand's Ultimate Coastal City!

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The Epic New Tealand FIX continues with a Paradise Island you will love! Enjoy😀
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Keegan says:

Maybe some fences in front of the schools because of trains xd

TJP says:

The decorations are absolutely fantastic, love it!

Faustrecht2010 says:

You (probably) should have put the railway and the highway into tunnels = more space to build

Mauro Galvan Rainhart says:

Nice detailing. Maybe a fence would be nice on the other side of the railroad so people don't jump in front of the train after getting the bill for their stay at the condos…

Kirsten Wade says:

I could of sworn the other day I was watching one of your vids and there were little counters on the buildings menus that looked like it was showing how many of each type of building you have built. I cannot find a mod like that anywhere, tell me am I imagining things or is this an actual mod because it would be very handy!

Also, what spec are you running on your machine to get such smooth gameplay, please share! 🙂

TS_Mind_Swept says:

Looks like everyone already beat me to the whole crossings thing, but I will say it reminds me of a lot of the chaussee by Cedar Point over here SuperVinlin

KingReza tv says:

Hey biffe i think its great i would maybe build more crossings and also try to build a fish market with an small fishing area, i would also build a little ferry stop to get the peoble directly to the main island

Niya Kouya says:

Biffa, think of the children! Without any fencing/protection, the kiddies could easily run out of the elementary school, across the road and onto the train tracks…

Two Sparrows Homestead says:

I love this it reminds me of South Florida suggestion though the tree in the middle of the elementary school should be changed out to a palm tree. It looks weird with that being the only kind of tree on this little island.

Badger says:

Here in New Zealand, theres a little law that we have that you should probably know about. It is called the Pool Fencing Act, and it requires every swimming pool to be completely enclosed by a fence. Even if a property is completely fenced, the pool must also still have its own fully enclosed fence. It is designed to prevent drowning accidents involving small children.

gp5 says:

You see something gorgeous and you know its gorgeous because Biffa has done his magic!

KingJohnMichael says:

One thing I don't like are those power cable towers

But besides that I love the theme of that island

MrANTSUM says:

You could B.o.B the trees on the station to make it fit in more?

Mr Apples World of Gaming says:

Definitely need to change the sand to a white/yellow sand. It's supposed to be a tropical island that is facing the ocean/sea (as it's on the outside of the build), therefore that gravelly brown sand looks awful. A beautiful white or yellow sand beach would make it look spectacular.

pilloryboi says:

Love it when you say excellent – pls say it like Mr Burns one time

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