Books Are Slow & Stupid. Do This Instead.

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In 2019 I read over 120 books. While I did learn a lot, I did not get anywhere near the amount of wisdom I should of from the 500+ hours of reading I did. I have grown and learned MUCH more in 2020 by ignoring books and doing these things instead.


Tshegofatso Seshibedi says:

This perspective is underated

Thomas Henshall says:

Would you Not agree every person should read a selection of books, by authors like Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale’s the secret?

Thomas Henshall says:

As a person who owns 10,000 books, some date back to 1810. I think your bullshitting us a little. That’s a big statement you just made; I recommend people read books on finance, because books teach lessons of others mistakes. Books teach people beyond words. Books work very well. I would say that is why you have money, you read more books then others about topics of wealth.

I am medical retired army entrepreneur… I am calling bull shit on your comment of books are a waste of time!
Every book I have read, I learned something that I didn’t know before. Your being a dick telling others not to read. People read AND do your other things! Because you READ and do other things, I bet your still reading books today!

Elias , says:

Just chill with blinkist 15-20min vs. 20h

Shahid Muneer says:

You have only one brain while books gives you Insights of million brains

Pathfinder George says:

I tried Blinkist for a while – books summarized in a few minutes, but it doesn't engage the mind as well as a book does – a fellow glue-sniffing baboon

Jacky says:


FIND PEOPLE THAT ARE AT YOUR LEVEL or at about 5-7X your level


Gilbert Kasembe says:

Bill Gates read books one hour a day, but also he learns by sharing his secrets to success, talking to other successful billionaires. Also they use and apply knowledges he gets from reading books.

Bilal Khalid says:

Only one point in 13ms video, dont read books.

Shoko says:

He did this so we would post many comments. LOL. The best con job on youtube.

Shoko says:

If you liked this video, your brain is dead. Welcome to Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. Don't read books, especially those from a long time ago; you might learn something that keeps repeating over and over to ruin your country like this nothingness fake. Anyone who promotes not to read, and owning land is stupid is a stupid idiot communist crackpot.

GABRIEL Tejeda says:

You sound douche

Reaper365 says:

People wouldn't buy books if authors effectively communicated their ideas in as few words as possible

Oldie Wan Kenobi says:

Yes you are SO FUCKING great because you found out how to make money……. Wow some people on this Earth have some really serious issues.
You could have all the money in the world and some of us are still laughing at you. You will lobby to have us removed because you couldn't stand up for yourself.
This world is going to burn, because we have smug douche bags like this guy thinking they run the place. haha

Brian Vuyof says:

The same entrepreneurs you suggest we should get knowledge from still suggest us reading books. This is self contradictory and how can you read 120+ books in just one year that means you were reading about twice a week? ?
This doesn't makes sense so does this video

WGM 247 says:

That goatee is not minimalistic. Shave the hamster off and you will be able to walk faster. Then again it does actually suit you so keep that bad boy on your face.

RottenProduce says:

Don't read Aristotle, Plato, Descartes, Kant, Melville, Ellison, etc., etc., etc. it will just make you stupid.

Shoko says:

I am pulling up my pant legs. It is getting deep in Sh*t in this video. WOW! Your good Alex! You a Billionaire? Don't Read Books? Yeah, lead them to books from people that have no intelligence. Your problem is books you read are worthless in the big picture of life. Is life only about entrepreneurship? Really? Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. It's not your whole life, only one tiny part. So all books are stupid? Yes, my Guru! Books are Slow & Stupid! "But by all means, read the books!" Is sleepy Joe, your uncle? Great wisdom. Let us see your Bank Rolls & balance sheet. I am sure it will show a very different picture. Put up or SHUT UP. You are good at bullshitting, and most of what you were saying is nonsense. You don't do it because you are not making 100K a year dragging your followers around by their noses. Yeah, SEEDING people, just using Mentalism, NLP, and Black Magic.

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