BMX FREESTYLE with Sean Logan

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Uriel Campos says:

i wonder if u can still do these stunts? would love to see !

Matt Nicholson says:

wow pretty intense!

Ryatus Recordings says:

Those guys are flippin nuts

Gamodrome says:

really cool 🙂

Beat Poetry Instrumentals says:

crazy skills man!!!

Bigpapaboy13-_- says:

This is really cool i wish there were some better places to ride like this around i really like the dirt also

Cindy Camino says:

Extreme sports like this really amaze me, I wonder if I could ever fly like them…lol

The FishBreath Gang says:

What amazing footage! You guys are so awesome. Very fun video to watch.

Alan Ealy says:

sick stunts sick camera shots


Wicked stunts Sean!! This is some serious passion!

Eric Hannan says:

Dude seriously so sick!!!

Taylor Allston says:

Damn that's awesome!!!

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