Bitconnect Boy Bites Back! Ryan Hildreth Has A Tantrum!

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Bitconnect Boy Bites Back! Ryan Hildreth Has A Tantrum!

Ryan Hildreth the infamous Bitconnect scammer is trying to fight back and clear his good pyramid scheme name!

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Crypto Jedi says:

Should I take down the Ryan hildreth videos? Or should they be left up so people never forget the Bitconnect Boys?

Gage Haug says:

I have a question. was the bot that bitconnect had were they botting the transactions over the blockchain to increase the price of bcc?

M.G says:

Why didn't US prosecutors ever throw charges at him as a Bitconnect middleman thug??

Nathan Simeon says:

Great video! Privacy is important and it is essential that individuals understand their rights. Personal data and information are very important and they are information to our identity. #Deeponion

Wally S says:

Hey, scam boy Scott Shafer I see you have another YouTube show selling items on eBay.

S P says:

This guys can’t be arrested. Stupid is the people that believed it, they deserved to be scammed.

Matt Taylor Variety says:

Awesome backdrop behind you man! This was a hilarious video about Ryan Hildreth, I remember when I first got into crypto late 2017 watching some of his videos about bitconnect, I almost fell for it, but didn't, thankfully.

Robert Shotgun says:

I worked with this dude before. He’s a creep. This was before bitcoin.

Millions Social Media says:

Ryan Hildreth is a pure scammer and a serial lie. He needs to scam people for money to pay for his Ferrari.

keyboards ss says:

we miss you where are you ?

keyboards ss says:

LOL u got burned

Jazzy and Her Puppy says:

Thank you for posting this. It is great how you let people know about scammers. I have been trying to learn more and more about online business and I was greatful to find your video

CodVibbs says:

Even with millions, Ryan is probably still not happy.


You are so stupid man – you are digging in this shit still over one year later – don't you really understand that there where many people who got caught in this bitconnect scam only difference is that some where making youtube videos and making a litle bit more than others who where not – HOW STUPID YOU ARE TO NOT GET IT AND STILL DIG IN THIS SHIT – I WONDER DO YOU HAVE ANY EDUCATION AT ALL AS TO ME YOU ARE MENTALLY KID WHO CAN'T GET SIMPLE THINGS. – Or like fly who still flies around shit hovewer shit has stopped smelling long time ago :)))

Alberto L says:

Don't give up! Keep exposing these fucks!

Mark says:

He is trying to get rid of the videos that tell him as a scammer cause he's trying to get bitconnect 2.0 started. There is a countdown on the website starting soon. That's why he's trying to get rid of your video now.

50 Pence says:

I hope he goes to prison.

Electroneum Rich says:


zkSnarks says:

ryan hildreth is such a dick.. i bet he got beaten up Aot at school

Jason Rupp says:

Glad you keep it up

jdubo79 says:

Just curious, did something happen to your front left tooth?

Ng Gavin says:

Ryan Hildreth just a scammer

Fitness Knowledge says:

has any body got any money yet

Stic Turner says:

like you included it in this one again? xD

The Kid says:

There’s absolutely no way he made millions.

Abel Magno says:

i guess ryan hildreth lost it, too. it is obvious in his video it is on script. we can go somewhere else, shoot video, rent a nice fancy car then shoot video, edit it as if it was real and post it on youtube then boom! he then claim to be millionaire and people might believe it even without showing his statement net worth.

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