Bitcoin Tax Specialist Daniel Winters on the recent IRS crackdown on Coinbase

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Tax professional Daniel Winters of Global Tax Accounts ( ) in New Jersey, United States comes on Whalepool bitcoin traders Teamspeak to discuss the latest IRS crackdown and summons against Coinbase for all bitcoin user data from 2013-2015.

Dan wrote an article recently breaking it all down:

He also comments on the Bitfinex hack and how traders can treat the funds lost on their taxes

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Vention1MGTOW says:

Whew! Thanks for this video!
Historically I've just bitcoins and dumped them into cold storage but this year a got a bitcoin visa card from coinbase and I've been using it for purchases all over the place. Each month I would buy some bitcoin then use it through the month to fund my bitcoin visa card and then at the end of the month I'd sweep the rest into cold storage and recharge my account with fresh bitcoins. I did the cost basis report and saw that it's 19 cents for 2015 and -73 dollars for 2016. So basically there's no income so I'm probably ok. knock on wood.

Tony DaSilva says:

Terrific information. Thanks!

Jeremy Bennett says:

excellent thanks for this information… I use BTC a lot but not as a speculator or trader, I appreciate your site, it has already answered some questions I had.

Gimmel Yod says:

A former IRS CID (Criminal Investigation Division) agent / CPA has written extensively on IRS harassment and mischaracterization of the nature of the tax code. He has become one of the best known IRS whistle-blowers. Joseph Banister (former IRS-CID) / CPA has the website & stood his ground in a criminal trial against the IRS in 2005 and came out smelling like a rose. Coinbase would do well to contact him directly because he is so familiar with the criminal-tactics of the IRS that I can think of no better consultant to retain. Coinbase would do well to protect it's customer base privacy and it will accomplish this by FOLLOWING THE LAW. Mr. Banister exposes how the IRS routinely goes on lawless, frivolous 'fishing expeditions' by misapplying paperwork that has NO basis in the law, internal IRS regulations nor conformity to the highest laws (say "4th Amendment) in the USA. The IRS is NOT a lawmaking body. It CANNOT make "rules" and has ZER0 power to legislate. Despite those facts – the IRS routinely violates the law by requesting information that no STATUTE, or REGULATION authorizes them to do. Such lawless requests for information can be legally DENIED.

Daniel s says:

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Locationary says:

thanks for this answered many good questions.

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