Bitcoin Cloud Mining in 2019 Review – Profitable? Scam? Rock Miner | Genesis Mining | Hashflare

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What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining and is Cloud Mining profitable in 2019? Lets discuss what Cloud Mining is and how it works. Subscribe VoskCoin YouTube –

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Whether you love Bitcoin cloud mining and it has made you rich, or you hate it and bought Genesis cloud mining contracts at the top of the 2017-2018 crypto bull-run and are now in massive debt because you bought too much crypto related products with credit cards or whatever! Bitcoin cloud mining is here, and I’m sure it is here to stay to some degree. The premise of cloud mining is simple, cloud miners essentially fund someone elses mining farm and they receive a cut in exchange. There is hardly any work involved as a cloud miner, and naturally the potential rewards are reduced because of that.

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VoskCoin says:

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Crypto money team says:

After Ambit mining exit scam im done with cloud mining, to many scammers and plus not is not profitable. And this deal is to good to e true, ill avoid this company.

haay play says:

Sou de brasil

Leon Purta says:

I've never ever seen anyone that did this have anything good to say about their experience.

Matthew Stirtz says:

Hey vosk! I found a new option opposite "hash mining" with GPU's and CPU. I'm still really new to mining coin but I found what's called a geo-mining coin based on the American GPS network. The app is called COIN and it's on the XYO network. They launched in January of 2019 so we're still infants. However, I personally believe the implication of this network and possible growth potential are huge. Value isn't strong yet but coins come EXTREMELY easily. Can you do a quick talk on one of your videos just to see if we can peak any interest? As always, your information is great! Keep up the good work!

Asier Estancona says:


[[[[ARCHIV3[[ says:

hey vosk, could you do a $1000 build guide? i want to get into mining, but dont have enough money for 6 gpus. could you do a 3-4 gpu build that is current?


Who can help me with 0.01btc please ? 3BpShVFLx8WpFpEkdRccjXwi31hwcVP4d3

Heinrich Fourie says:

so what do u want me to trust because i lost alot of money

Rudolf Wardanjan says:

What about BitDeer?

Crypto Ninja says:

Be very careful with cloud mining scams. If they offer free 100 Ghs to sign up, its a scam.

Steve Nazarchyk says:

I can't count how many times you said "As you see/As you can see/obviously". But myself and maybe others listen to you in our cars as we drive. So no I can't see a damn thing. My advice is to actually SAY numbers, profits. If you point, then SPEAK about what your are talking about. I'm trying to stay with you on your channel but help a guy out.

Meshak Vanlalliana says:

I'm still confuse which is better antminer z11 or s17 pro plzzz tell me

Steven Ward says:

Lol I went from wanting to meet my favorite music and to it would be hella dope to sit down with my favorite crypto YouTubers and talk hardware, mining, and markets lol keep it up vosk

florin80 says:

for anyone interested in a good cloud minning company PM me or message in my channel. The company is the biggest top cloud minning farm in Russia where electricity is very cheap,they have many type of contracts for BTC and LTC, as well as buying minning machines directly from the site that will remain yours after the 5 year contract expires. If i got your interest contact me for more details.

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