Bitclub Network Update 18th April 2018

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Gilberto Salgado says:

Hello all… if you are interested in looking for a decentralized platform you should look at airbit club … contact me on fb crypto gil … finally… a true money maker

Dan White says:

Here's a great video of a call with Joe Abel (Dec 2017) for those of you with doubts abut the scale of the bcn mining operation and complete details of the company its transparency and where BCN is going from here

Melsen Uczy says:

Hi everyone i just joined bitclub network , please help me with referrals
Sponsor: paulinauczy
I will really appreciate

Prosper With Shaq says:

thank you for the update brother

CrypTache says:

I am also a subscriber and an investor. Very disappointed with the PH upgrade. IF YOU CAN'T UPGRADE THE PH YOU HAVE TO STOP THE NEW ACCOUNTS REGISTRATION!!! THIS IS TRANSFORMING INTO A BIG SCAM ! BOTTLENECK EFFECT! P.S. I appreciate the effort doing this videos! Success!

Ali Waiz says:

Question on everyone's lips is when is the hash rate going to increase because the mining rates are really bad.

P.s showing patience is one thing but losing money is another and many people are struggling to show patience when they're losing money.

quantum1542 says:

Where are these hash power upgrades they have promised! It’s been months now and no significant change in hash power, mining earnings are tiny and getting smaller – less than 5% ROI! Frustrating!

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