Bitclub Network SCAMMED People Out of $722 Million

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Bitclub Network SCAMMED People Out of $722 Million
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In this video, I talk about the Bitclub network and how they recently scammed people out of $722 million dollars. This is a bad thing for Bitcoin because its going to be tied to it the Bitclub network was a mining operation that went bad. Cloud mining is a real thing but the Bitclub network 2019 halted withdraws and scammed everyone.

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About this video:

In this video, Alexander Lorenzo talks about the Bitclub network and how it basically scammed everyone. If you were ever looking to get into the Bitclub network in 2019 or looking for an update, look no longer because Bitclub scammed everyone.


Alexander Lorenzo says:

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i invested in BCN, my all money gone now ?

Elena Ivanenko says:

I want all major scammers to be neutered publicly, including Bitclub owners

ebdprod says:

Be careful to use the word "alleged" when appropriate…they're only charged, not convicted

M W says:

I tried to find out more about the people running this BitClub scam business:
They are not listed in Wiki, nor can I find their vita, career, education, personal background, ethnicity etc. anywhere on the internet.
Who knows details about "Joseph Abel", "Matthew Goettsche" and this odd sounding name "Jobadiah Weeks'?
A lot indicates similarities to the 'Cyber Rebate' Ponzi schema run by JosephLichter, Joel Granik several years ago.
Am I on the right track?
Please let me know – thanks!

SafariBeats85 says:

why people can be so stupid…. =D now they know that i was right all the years… lol

Dustin Gaeta says:

Our lawfirm is looking for any Victims that were scammed by Bitclub. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (805)340-7655

Jeffrey D says:

Good vid. I have to disagree on wanting btc to go down to "buy more cheap". 31 years in the markets, I NEVER want ANYTHING to go down to "buy more cheap".
If I can teach youngsters anything about the markets, its this…..ONLY average up, never down. Assets go down for legitimate reasons. Put in your stop orders, automate them, 20% max. Average up. Sure you'll pay a bit more, but in insures youre only buying an appreciating asset. Usually youre compounding a mistake by averaging down. Averaging down is for amateurs and Peter Lynch
I bought a token at 680usd, got stopped oout at 590usd, as an example. That token is 28usd today. Imagine if I kept averaging down. Count to ten before you do it…. hear me now, believe me later

Wes B says:

They stopped paying over a year ago. Wonder what’s going to happen with Russ Merlin?

Rick Fraschetti says:

How many biotech companies go public take people's money millions of dollars and produce nothing it's all risk life is risk. Diversify

Rick Fraschetti says:

How many ponzi schemes were done with Fiat currencies tons

Z.S.P. says:

This is so sad, it is destroying adoption so strong. I lost 600 $

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