Bitclub Network Review After 170 Days

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Bitclub Network Review | Bitcoin Mining profits and accurate projections after 170 days of mining with Bitclub Network.

UPDATE: Bitclub Network Recently made a change that allows you to pull 100% of your mining profits into your wallet, which actually changes the entire opinion of this video!

I’m now of the opinion that with the BTC price being $4k per Bitcoin, meaning it would cost less than 1 BTC to purchase the founders pool, and with 100% withdrawl, this is a GOOD solid investment!

Things change!



I need this calculation file kindly email me or send me downloading link

Paul Holder says:

I have invested with a founders package too. The difference is that with a higher purchase price for Bitcoin now the percentage of Bitcoin needed to purchase a package is way below a single Bitcoin. Now it has a higher value, using these figures in the video, my return will be worth more in value even though the amount of coin earned will remain a similar average. Time will tell of course, but I remain optimistic but also realistic. I do know a lot of people who are "experts" in trading of FIAT currencies who have lost a ton of money. Being an expert is fine, but when returns are reliant on markets controlled by governments and the banks, I feel that Bitcoin is the way to go, whether it's a case of buying some and sitting on it, or being part of a mining pool. But…. As I say, time will tell. Some will always look at this as being a fools investment, but consider this. I had a small private pension and it crashed and lost almost half its value a few Sears back. Totally out of my control.

Mark G says:

What about your referral fees? A bigger part of the BitClub profits are the referral fees from your downstream. Did you not get anyone?

Emit Fo Ynam says:

Yeah the best videoe out there about this topic!!! U realy got a backbone for not trying to scam people and actually be honest. Most of the people want to recruit then they understand the deaI. Saw alot of videoes out there and they brag about total earnings all the time.. Advising going 100% repurcase all the time. Your getting high total earnings but not paid…

Impala Crypto says:

you must keep going with bitclubnetwork this is longterm investment the price is $5700 a Bitcoin.

smittyo0 says:

First off thanks for this video! The insights are very helpful.

Those numbers are all relative to the network difficulty over time and the halving reward of the BTC that is coming in 2020. Without factoring in those critical pieces of data I don't think this video is complete.

You might say 2020 is a long ways away but I have to bring it up because you didn't specify the exact terms of the re-purchase stipulations. We are left to assume that at %50 rebuy then we would get a brand new contract and our initial investment rout by 1000 days. Considering the network difficulty has more than doubled just in the 170+ days you tracked then we must start asking what we are getting exactly.

Is 1 share equal to one miner for 1000 days or is the miner sold and replaced during the 1000 days to stay competitive with the ever increasing network difficulty for example.

I tried looking this up on their website but I'm in the U.S. and it said that they don't want to do business with the United States because the U.S. is not friendly to bitcoin. I was considering opening a contract if the math was there l but this kills it for me.

K Muradian says:

Can I join live in the USA ?

Alex Bateman says:

Hi, thanks for this in depth info. I've subscribed to your channel. Out of interest what made you go with Bitclub over Genesis Mining or Hashflare? Have you done any comparisons or looked at the others?
Thanks in advance

Devon Buy says:

Most people always make this mistake when they talk about using the original amount invested into bitcoin mining with BitClub Network (BCN) and should have kept and held those BTC instead. Allow me to clarify.

Bitcoin serves as both a product and a service. On one hand it is a store of value (product), and on the other it is a payment method (service). The two should not be confused with one another. When BCN charges USD3,599, it is requesting that the amount be paid in the form of bitcoins (payment method or service) to facilitate international transactions. This is because the purchase of mining hardware from BitMain is also paid directly in the form of bitcoin. This makes payments across borders smoother, as opposed to if they were to receive payments in fiat currencies from different parts of the world. So, when you're buying a mining contract with BCN, note that you are effectively paying for the contract in USD but just in the form of bitcoin. Here, bitcoin serves as a payment method. This is no different than buying coffee at Starbucks with BTC, or buying goods and services online or a camera at BIC Store in Japan with BTC (to get a discount and GST exemption). We would not have said that the camera should have been bought with cash because after a year, the BTC paid for the camera would have been worth twice or thrice of what it was originally worth.

Hence, if one wanted to invest in bitcoin (product) as a safe haven asset or for capital appreciation, one would buy another batch of BTC that will be held and not touched for years to come. Someone buys into a mining contract because after some research and due diligence, he or she believes that mining can still be profitable compared to just simply buying and holding, and will spend the money to get a contract, be it in USD or BTC.

Another way of looking at this is, if let's say you originally had 10 BTC (as holding investment) and you had to spend 4 BTC (payment method) in the mining contract at the end of last year (which I did when 1 BTC = $900), what you would only need to do is buy another 4 BTC (store of value) and replenish your stock, bringing your holdings back to 10 BTC, and what you had just effectively done is spent USD3,599 in cash as payment (using BTC as a mode of transferring value) for a product/service from BCN.

Jason Pizzino says:

Excellent video man. Very nice detail as it's hard to find an honest review of these companies… I'm off to watch your vid on USI-TECH now.

SuperCapuka says:

Cheers man for the video, this is really honest.

Yajji Gaming says:

What is the purpose of the re-investment?

Tyler Goudreau says:

Herc, have you checked if you can change your reinvestment percentage lately? i noticed they don't have limits anymore on my account. i can choose 0% to 100% repurchase.

Nico Muselle says:

Hey Herc, thanks for the video, I made the same mistake less than a month ago. There is some good news though, you can now set your repurchase to 0% and mine all your coins directly to your wallet. Hope this helps !

Pierrot Vachon says:

You did a mistake in your logic. If you would have invested today, or in those days, your cost would NOT have been $17 000. It would have been the same as today : 3 times $3500. The only thing is that today you would have paid less bitcoins because of its value. That said, I bought 2 founder pools but I regret my investment since Genesis mining is way more profitable.


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illoominate says:

I have not found any way to register at bitclubpool dot com. I can click "Sign In", and then click "Register Here", but that takes me to a page with no registration form whatsoever.

I opened a support ticket in my bitclubnetwork account on 9/8/17, but it's still pending and I've received no response whatsoever.

This does not inspire confidence.

Gnar Team says:

thank you for making this video

Victorious Flourish says:

Hello Herc, I funded my account since over 72 hours now and no earning in my wallet yet…what am I supposed to do.

Glenn Joy says:

All the "referral dudes" are spruking all you need is the "Founders Pool" best deal in town. (gee I wonder why? $$$$$ to them maybe) I thought just get the $2000.00 pool 3 (or 2 of that.) OK it would cost $4K but at least you have a shot of getting your money back sooner. And I did some sums like you and I thought no way just buy BTC. Being stuck in a pool where you have no control over outcomes and not having a definitive end result seemed self defeating…I have a saying a BTC in the wallet is worth 2 BTC in the club.

niftygoblin says:

Hear!! Hear!!…… no mlm mubo jumbo…. joined in jul16…. absolutely bang on……must check out gigaWatt … straightforward mining…x fingers Bitclub survives that long … lets see..

Graeme Flower says:

Very helpful video. Thank you. I'm actively considering this currently so very timely. Have you got an opinion on the GPU mining pools? No reinvestment required and potentially very profitable? Also, have you accounted for the BTC 'halvening' in 2018 re mining yield? I'm presuming this halves?

Jorma Spitz says:

Great Video! Great Informations! Thanks a lot! 🙂

But one thing: If I join today and buy a Founders Pool I would pay less than 1 Bitcoin for it (0.77777 Bitcoins @ Exchange Rate of $4500/BTC). So if the exchange rate of BTC/$ would stay at least around todays level, the ROI would be less than one year. So in 3 Years I would triplicate my initial Investment while the Pools keep running because of the forced reinvestments. Or did I misunderstood something?

Hans G says:

Thx for the video! I was almost joining but this clears out alot 🙂

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