Bitclub Network Review 2017 Founding Member Compensation Plan Bitclub Network

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Byron Whitman says:

I'm a founder too, but can no longer log in. Do I need an IP switcher also?

Tonne of Value says:

it looks like a credit card thru master card

lcabr0n says:

It's said No available on USA

Tom Anderson Uy says:

great video sean! im glad i joined you last year. 🙂 cheers #mentor

Pristine Global Vision (Marcos) says:

I confess, I'm a bit at a loss as to why you do not touch on GladiaCoin one bit. It's been so well proven now it's not an HYIP. The mathematics prove its sustainability. It's anonymity is life-saving. The name is getting out there pretty big. It's time to cover it. And please, not negatively. Many big names are involved in GladiaCoin now. Let's lift up, and not tear down. I'm making some really good profits on Gladia daily.

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