Bitclub Network is a Legitimate Bitcoin Mining Company – Bitclub Network CEO

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About Bitclub Network:
– This is one of the few legit companies that is Mining Bitcoin directly from the Blockchain,
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Bitclub Network Mines Crypto Currencies like:
1. Bitcoin.
2. Ethereum.
3. Zcash.
4. Monero and
5. Ethereum Classic.

– Bitclub Network is an international Legit, Transparent, and Real company with real physical Mining Facilities in Iceland, Russia, and China.
Bitclub Network has been in operation since 2014, and have been paying their investors every single day
at 9PM (South African Time) without fail.

– Bitclub Network is NOT a peer-to-peer donation exchange platform where members pay each other.
– Bitclub Netwrk in NOT a “Cloud” Mining company, Bitclub Network have their own Physical Mining machines.

Bitclub Network Registration:

– To become a Bitclub member and mine the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, you need to
register and join Bitclub Network.
– If you are not a member yet, click the link below and register now…


Bitclub Network Account Activation:

– Once you have registered, you need to activate your account by paying a once off admin fee of $99 worth of Bitcoin Cash.
Let us know if you have challenges with activating your account.

Bitclub Network Mining Pool Shares:

– To start earning daily profits every day FOR LIFE, you need to buy at least one Mining Pool Share, you can buy as
many Mining Pool Shares as you want at any given moment, in any order.

– Each Mining Pool Share will pay you for 1000 days, some percentage is auto-re-invested for you
so that you never stop earning from your Mining Pool Shares, in fact, you can get paid long after you died!

1. Pool 1 = $500 (50% of your daily earnings is re-invested by default).
2. Pool 2 = $1000 (40% of your daily earnings is re-invested by default).
3. Pool 3 = $2000 (30% of your daily earnings is re-invested by default).

Founder Pool = Pool 1 + Pool 2 + Pool 3 = $3,500

– This means that if you buy the Founder Pool, you earn daily profits from all the three pools,
and you will get special treatment and other benefits as a Founding Member at Bitclub Network.

– How Much will I Earn Daily?

– Most people are very interested in knowing EXACTLY how much they will daily, that’s a valid and legit question.

However, there is no straight answer to it, that’s because of few factors which will determine how much you earn that day.

1. It will depend on how many Mining Pool Shares you have purchased.
2. How many “Blocks” or how many Bitcoins were mined by Bitclub Network that day.
3. What is the BTC/USD exchange rate that day.

– After buying a Mining Pool Share, when do l start to see my earnings?

– You start earning after 30 days because the company has to order Antminer mining machines in bulk,
and ship those mining machines either to Iceland or Russia facilities, where Bitclub mining plants are situated.

– Is it a must to recruit new investors to Bitclub Network?

NO, recruiting is 100% optional, but if you choose to recruit, you will earn credits and cycles worth $200 per cycle INSTANTLY, and many other

– Can I create multiple accounts at Bitclub Network?

– YES, you can create as many accounts as you want using different email addresses.

– Is Bitclub Network a scam?

– NO, Bitclub Network is NOT a scam. Bitclub Network is 100% LEGIT company with real, physical Mining Facilities in Iceland and Russia.

– Who is the Founder and CEO of Bitclub Network?

– Russ Medlin is the Founder and CEO of Bitclub Network.
P.S: If you have not yet registered, click the link below and register today…


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