Bitclub Network December 2018 Update

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Hey Guys! I hope this video is helpful for you all. BitClub Network has NEVER looked stronger to me as a company. My video backs this up.

Be safe and crypto on-



Michael Dreher says:

Today still 1000 PH missing – hey they should at least communicate openly why this drastic Decline happened

Gray Ludo says:

Bitclub bought and is installing the worlds 3rd largest super computer to handle all the data. not one member is being asked to pay……

Gray Ludo says:

bitclub has 100 % financing available. no recourse, no collateral, and no money down.

Gray Ludo says:

1.6 kwh bitclub. Bitclub also owns bitfury. Bitclub has 90000 additional miners coming on line. 90 days or so. An additional server facility and will be running 4500 PH/s by mid summer.

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