Bitclub Network Another Crypto Scam?

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Everyone is sick , so this week Ash focuses on the latest ‘alleged’ scam Bitclub mining Network. One giant ponzi scheme? Founders heading to jail? What do you think? Comment below.

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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.


HellRaizzer says:

Please provide a link for the fund recovery website…thank you…

Andre Walker says:

These fraudulent companies posing as legit, beware of them, they are just after your hard-earned cash, they will steal from you and run away. I was a victim until I got help from consultant@archarielrecovery. com who helped me recover all I had lost. I will forever be grateful to them. Thank you Archariel

Vera Wilde says:

I have been able to get my funds back, am so happy I felt I should share the good news. All thanks to Kingrecovery01 at gmail dot com

Paul in Las Vegas says:

Happy Holidays !!! Poor Lisa has the sniffles again. Hope she feels better. London must be beautiful this time of year.

Rain Bitcoins says:

Just be careful at all the sites that pop up promising to get you your money back. Quite often those sites are scams as well… Sorry to say but just kiss your bitcoins goodbye. Don't bother hunting after them, you'll just get scammed again.

Ken Farley says:

You do fine on your own without anyone to interview. I enjoyed the clip.

Dave Horne says:

Thanks, Ash for the info. Hope Lisa and all your mates that are poorly get well soon. Have a great Christmas.

Joe D'Souza says:

Very much a scam – got caught by watching interview/promo with dollar vigilante Jeff Berwick whom I trusted for sensible financial advice. Even jetted off to Iceland at short notice to visit bitclub mining operation. Just showed 100 asic miners in part of a sealed warehouse, no opportunity to see extent of site. Given lavish lunch for feel good, yet next to no returns on outlay. Scammers indeed.

Finn Bear says:

First glance looked like this is a 2h video. I was up for the challege. (but I got stuff to do, so 10min is fine)

Adam Peters says:

Not ANOTHER one. are there any legit projects in Crypto. Getting despondent!!!!

New Kids On The Blockchain says:

Bitclub Network a pyramid scam? , what do you think people?

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