BitClub Network and Bitcoin mining

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BitClub Network explanation


Mohamad Fanaee says:

How can support me in this way?

Bitcoin King says:

Join the new Mining Revolution! Earn now at least FREE 0.0048 BTC a day without making any investment! Earn also FREE 0.0025 BTC per referral! Join >>>

Sokun Tait says:

Scam Scam! Stay far far away. Latest update is very bad, these guys are shutting down most of their mines taking away all residual contracts. Worse company ever.

Jennifer Ngure says:

It actually makes more sense to trade crypto currency than to mine. I joined Bitclub Network and I should actually have just bought the coin. I would have made a whole lot of money…

Matt Robinson says:

LOL…. this video is so dumb, they aren't even mining at the moment, it's just another scam now.

Graham Abbott says:

Hello Hanna , ive been a Bitclub member for 2 years and i must just say that they payment every month has dropped so low that one cant draw the bitcoin from the network, the two years before i joined where when you made your money, please give us an explanation on what is happening now and the latest news, this is a massive risk as no one is interested in Bitcoin at the moment and you wont make any money

Invertir en Criptomonedas By Crypto32 says:

There are other good options in companies that pay 5% of the invest each week in our BTC wallets. Send me a mail Achievers Klub. Thanks
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Dave Crypto says:

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Aerlene Mugambi says:

Awesome & simple explanation

Zethu Ngubane says:

Thank you so much for making this video!

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